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Our vision is to be a global cloud partner for Corporate and Public Sector simplifying their operations so they can focus on their core business. 

Auxilion was born as a result of a two year Research & Development project in the areas of cloud-computing, IT managed services, remote infrastructure management and monitoring and virtual working. The research was supported our parent company, I.T. Alliance Group, one of the leading providers of IT outsourcing and IT managed services across the UK and Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government agency responsible for supporting Irish businesses in internationally traded service sectors and Microsoft, the world's leading software and technology company. 

By combining 18 years’ experience in IT outsourcing with the latest cloud computing and virtual workforce models, Auxilion has opened up new and smarter ways to deliver IT and business support services.  Perfected by working with innovative, pilot organisations across various sectors, Auxilion is transforming how organisations operate. 

Our support models help our clients overcome the resource, budget and operational constraints of traditional approaches to outsourced IT and business services.  Today Auxilion stands for ground-breaking techniques for delivering IT and business support services.

Virtual Support Services

A virtual support service is the provision of expert people, processes and technology as one integrated and cloud-consumed service that delivers a business process. Some of our current virtual support services include IT support services, project support services and customer support services. Virtual services provide the following benefits: 

  • Always on
  • 24x7
  • Simplified
  • IT Support Service - People

    Auxilion provides a range of customer support services, managing part of your customer support service on your behalf. Typically we provide 1st and 2nd level customer support services and work with the client to ensure a smooth end-to-end customer support function.   

  • IT Support Service - Technology

    Auxilion's core service offering is our 24x7 virtual IT support service. Irrespective of device, application, location or time or day, Auxilion can support your IT end users and your IT environment on a 24x7 basis around the globe. Users access support via a dedicated phone number, email and self-service portal. 

  • Project Support Service - PSS

    Powered by the same bespoke engine as our IT support service, Auxilion has pioneered the concept of virtual project support services, providing expert people (project managers), processes and technology to administer and manage your project, whether it’s IT focused or otherwise.      

  • Azure Support Service - Zureview

    Auxilion ZureView enables you to understand your usage of all Azure services by providing real-time consumption information at your fingertips. ZureView is available online and is ideal for any Azure customer requiring deeper TCO insight and analysis.     

  • In R&D...more coming soon!

    Our Research & Development team are currently working with the latest developments in cloud computing technology and our virtual workforce ethos  to devise even more clever ways to delivering your business business support operations and service including reception support service, legal support service, facilities support service