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The easy way to protect your critical information and data


The Disaster Recovery as a Service solution from Auxilion reduces capital costs by leveraging cloud and on-demand availability to provide a simplified, cost-effective solution to protect your IT environment.

As organisations become increasingly dependent on their data and information to operate, business continuity and disaster recovery planning is more important than ever.  In the event of a planned or unplanned outage, this DRaaS solution ensures your data is safe and your business can continue as normal.

Why our customers use it?

  • Cost Effective DR solution for your business
  • Get real peace of mind knowing your data is safe
  • Fast, flexible, simple, safe and secure solution
  • Ensures business continuity during an outage
  • Easy to start, use and scale

The impact of an outage in numbers:

Whats included?

Azure + Azure Site Recovery + 24x7 ISO20000 Certified Support

The power and security of the Microsoft Cloud with our award-winning support service including scheduled Disaster Recovery testing and 24x7 Remote Monitoring. Start small - put DRaaS to the test by putting a small workload up.

About Auxilion

Auxilion helps organisations optimise and differentiate how they serve their customers through Microsoft digital transformation and support services.  Named Azure Hybrid Infrastructure Partner of the Year at Microsoft Inspire in 2017, Auxilion is recognised as a market leader in the deployment and support of Azure-based business solutions.

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