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Looking to simplify your journey to the cloud?  Want to discover the Auxilion cloud-first, mobile-first ‘new world of work’?  Then book a FlightPlan© session with our global award-winning transformation team, custom-designed for corporate and public sector.

What is FlightPlan?

Our FlightPlan workshop offers your company the opportunity to explore how the latest in cloud computing technology can transform your organisations operations, leveraging IT to achieve your long term strategic business goals.

Auxilion has been named back-to-back Cloud OS (Azure) Partner of the Year for Ireland since 2012 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Our award-winning team deliver the FlightPlan workshop in our purpose-built customer experience facility at Auxilion HQ in Dublin.  The FlightPlan workshop can also be brought to you!

FlightPlan is designed to give you an end-to-end view of your current IT infrastructure, explain how cloud technology can streamline your organisation and demonstrate how we can help you realise the potential of a transformation program. 


Auxilion understands that every organisation is at different stages of their cloud consultation journey. Therefore we have created 3 flight plan options to help you get the best from FlightPlan based on your availability, timelines, commitment and workloads you wish to explore. We call them “Pre-Flight”, “Test-Flight” and “Flight-Time”.


Our Pre-Flight briefing consists of a 2 hour workshop with our global-award winning team. This is a cost-effective way to evaluate cloud for your specific needs, without making a time-consuming commitment. Ask the burning questions and get an answer straight away! This is the perfect first step for companies planning their journey to the cloud and can be built upon further with Test-Flight or Flight-Time below.


Test-Flight involves a half-day consultation meeting with our team. This can be held in our purpose built FlightPlan facility or on your site – whichever is more convenient. You then have the ability to choose up to three Azure workloads set-up as a proof of concept, giving you the opportunity to experience first-hand how it works. A Test-Flight usually requires a three-day commitment, half a day to meet with our team and three days to implement your proof of concept solution.


Flight-Time involves more time commitment from our team and yours where effectively we cover your entire ICT real estate, giving you the best plan to hybrid cloud services using the Microsoft Azure platform. Flight-Time can also build on your Test-Flight POCs and pilots through to full implementation and workloads rollout. All Flight-Time workshops include a heavy documented output of what your approach should to ensure maximum impact.


For more information about our cloud consultancy session and to see if your organisation can benefit contact flightplan@auxilion.com.