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Three quarters of Irish organisations finding it hard to source IT staff – Auxilion study

Dublin, 23rd August, 2018: Three quarters (75%) of Irish IT Departments are finding it hard to source and retain the right internal technology staff, according to a study published by Irish owned services company, Auxilion.

The survey found that a quarter (25%) reported that it was very difficult to find and retain IT staff while half (50%) said that it was quite difficult. One in five (20%) reported few issues in sourcing the right IT people.

“The shortage is exacerbated by concerns over Brexit with over a third of IT Departments expecting this to increase demand for internal IT services over the next 18 months,” commented Colina Moran, head of project management, Auxilion. “This is likely to escalate in the event of no deal.”

Just over a third (35%) believe that Brexit will increase demand for internal IT services. However, the survey suggests some uncertainty with 38% of IT managers reporting that they don’t know. Just over a quarter (26%) believe that Brexit will have no effect.

Colina Moran, head of project management, Auxilion

The report by Auxilion, part of Irish owned I.T. Alliance Group, also finds that 44% of IT projects are not being delivered on time and that 32% are going over budget.

“This may be due to a shortage of project managers,” commented Colina Moran, Auxilion. “Our survey suggests that 71% of organisations are finding it very or quite difficult to source and retain the right project managers.

“Another factor may be accountability with 44% of respondents reporting that they only sometimes or rarely have up to date visibility and status of IT projects through their lifecycle.”

There is better news on the GDPR front with four out of five (79%) saying that they are well prepared for this. However, 18% say that they are not ready or don’t know.

The survey represented IT Departments in Ireland employing approximately 12,000 IT staff.  102 heads of or senior IT managers responded to the online survey during June/July 2018.


Note: In some cases figures do not add up to 100% precisely due to rounding or don’t knows. Email info@auxilion.com for full report.


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