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What is ZureView?

What problem does ZureView alleviate?

As an Azure customer, ZureView alleviates the limitations associated with Azure consumption from a financial insight and reporting perspective, namely: 

  1. Where am I spending money on Azure services?
  2. Will I be in an overage scenario on my EA, or more importantly underutilizing my Azure investment?
  3. How do I best track, monitor and explain spikes in spend?
  4. To what division or customer and how much do I cross charge the Azure consumption?
  5. How do I keep all my Azure consumption metrics up to date and in an automated fashion?
  6. Microsoft Partner – how do I make profitable the Azure services and solutions I provide to my clients?


Benefits of ZureView

ZureView gives Microsoft Azure EA Customers an easy, simply and transparent view of their consumed Azure services.  ZureView delivers the following benefits:

  1. Easy to use and understand dashboards for simplified Azure usage analysis. 
  2. Real-time information and reports available at the press of a button!
  3. Delivered as a self-service SaaS based web application hosted on Azure itself. 
  4. Built-in data load service, keeps all your Azure consumption data current via the secure “Usage API” available within the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal. 


Who is ZureView for?

Auxilion ZureView is ideal for anyone who has invested in a Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement.  The full benefits of the ZureView are delivered out of the box for:

  1. Microsoft Partners
  2. Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs)
  3. End Customers with Direct Enterprise Agreements.     


How much does it cost?

Auxilion ZureView operates the following charges via automated credit card payments:

  1. $300 per Enterprise Enrollment Per Year
  2. $3 per Azure Subscription Per Month


How do I get ZureView?

It’s very simple – you can register using your Microsoft Account instantly with ZureView at www.zureview.com.  Enter your Enterprise Agreement Enrollment Number and secure Usage API Access key and start analysing your consumption!  It’s that simple!  


Free Trial of ZureView at www.zureview.com