Cybersecurity Assessment

Our cybersecurity assessment tool provides visibility into potential vulnerabilities in your current environment.

Our cybersecurity assessment tool provides insights into your organisation’s potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Based on data from your IT infrastructure and Office 365, we provide automated scans and analysis giving your organisation a quick and simple way to check the current security status. From this assessment, we provide recommendations and a clear, remedial road-map which will improve organisational security and reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Our tool is the perfect way to maximise your security and demonstrate that your organisation takes security seriously.

Carrying out this assessment is also important given GDPR and compliance responsibilities.  It will define which technical measures you can take to meet GDPR requirements.

How it works?

The cybersecurity assessment tool is an on-premise or cloud based software product developed by experienced security experts.

It collects relevant data by:

  • Scanning all Windows endpoints.
  • Scanning Active Directory and Azure AD.
  • Scanning content in Office 365, SharePoint and fileshares.
  • By using agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan, the effort required from the internal IT department is kept to a minimum.

What’s Involved?

Endpoint scan

The cybersecurity assessment tool collects information about accounts, firewall rules, applications installed, the OS/Service Pack, shares and the registry.

Active Directory & Azure AD

The tool retrieves User and Group information, identifies external users and (unused) accounts (including admin accounts) and flags suspicious accounts.

Office 365, SharePoint and Fileshares

The Auxilion cybersecurity tool searches through content in Office 365, SharePoint & Fileshares for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Access granted to SharePoint sites and documents is searched and compared with the accounts in Active Directory to identify unauthorised access.

Reporting and recommendations

The cybersecurity assessment tool produces a detailed report identifying the areas which require attention and recommends actions to be taken to help secure your IT environment.

Managed services

Irish Continental Group

Shipping, transport and leisure company, Irish Continental Group (ICG), wanted to outsource the management and monitoring of critical ICT infrastructure ac...

To learn more about Auxilion’s cybersecurity assessment tool, contact us today. A member of our Digital Services team is on hand to answer your questions.