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Our Governance365 application allows organisations define and enforce a set of governance and control policies within Microsoft Teams ensuring corporate data is secure at all times. It ensures your organisation has the correct parameters and controls in place to protect data being shared between departments and partner organisations, through a common set of policies.

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Compliance and Control

Teams Creation

This governance and control enforcement solution will ensure that Teams and Channels will be created based on approved policies, ensuring you have control of your Teams infrastructure. Teams users who wish to set up a team will need to make a request through the Chabot within the solution, this request is then sent to the appropriate approver.

Naming Conventions and classifications

Supporting the enforcement of naming conversations and allowing users to classify the intended use of a Team. This ensures that all Teams and Channels are named and classified correctly to avoid any confusions. It will also ensure that only users with the correct privileges can gain access to the contents of the Teams and Channels.

Life Cycle Management

Guarantee the lifecycle of your teams are organised, as you will have visibility across the entire lifecycle from creation of a team, all the way through to the team being archived.

Security and Sharing

Ensure all your Teams and Channels are securely managed and can only be accessed by the users that the contents are intended for. The solution will ensure controls are in place to protect data being shared outside your organisation.

Compliance report

The Governance365 solution will ensure compliance and control in your organisation.  Using the Governance365 reporting dashboard, approvers, managers and administrators will gain an insight into the usage and compliance across the organisation.

Governance365 Benefits

The Governance365 application will benefit your organisation in a number of ways. It will empower business users to leverage the full potential of the Teams platform to focus on the your clients’ needs, and meet business objectives,. It will also help in a number of other key areas including:

  • Ensuring only approved users can create Teams and Channels and give user access to any centralised documents and data stored in those Teams and Channels.
  • Control what individuals are given access to, including the Teams and Channels they can collaborate with.
  • Protect the organisation when granting users access in Remote and Home-based working environments.
Managed services

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Shipping, transport and leisure company, Irish Continental Group (ICG), wanted to outsource the management and monitoring of critical ICT infrastructure ac...

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