Managed Project Delivery

Auxilion offer a unique project solution providing access to PMI qualified project staff, processes and tools. This expertise ensures projects are delivered at a reduced cost.

Auxilion offers a number of flexible project delivery solutions that give you access to a combination of our project staff, project processes and project tools, ensuring consistent ‘managed’ project delivery while at the same time reducing your project management costs.

Sample project delivery services include:

  •         Flex: Blend our people, processes and project management toolsets to get your perfect fit 
  •         Scale: Ramp up and down the number of project management resources you need on demand 
  •         Fixed: Get your project delivered to a fixed price

A key operational challenge for corporate and enterprise today is fine-tuning the “supply versus demand” balancing act with regard to project management delivery capability and resource investment decisions. All too often, as a result of fluctuating needs and changing business conditions, organisations get this balancing act wrong. Yet when a client project does emerge, project management is a key skill that the organisations need to be able to quickly and cost-effectively have in place to ensure efficient project delivery and customer satisfaction.

Why choose Auxilion

Auxilion has developed a tailored project management solution offering our clients access to our project management staff, processes and tools. This service allows Auxilion to deliver projects for our clients using an efficient, effective and consistent approach. The service offers an improved level of governance and decision making which can mitigate risk, minimise cost and facilitate smoother project delivery.

The essence of the service focuses the project managers to utilise their time on high-value project tasks such as stakeholder management, communications, vendor management, and business related issues whilst high volume activities such as managing information logs and timesheet tracking is assigned to junior project staff. This, coupled with processes and tooling, offers an end to end resilient solution.

The service standardises project management practices and facilitates project and portfolio management. Effectively a one-stop-shop for all project management support services, the service provides client’s organisations the ability to draw down project management services as necessary, depending on their business needs and project requirements. This unique Project Services offering from Auxilion combines best-practice, certified people, processes and technology as an integrated consumable service.

The modern approach to Project Delivery

Auxilion offers a flexible method to acquire expert project management skills on tap and in good timing with business needs.   Organisations circumvent the traditional limitations and restrictions of the contractor model by availing of an effective project management ‘Managed Service’ – on demand.  This includes all the traditional expectations of a managed service such as resource performance management, allocated SDM (Service Delivery Manager) and operational and governance management via ongoing reviews, SLA-bound and quarterly steering committees.  However, in contrast to the contractor model, Our project delivery service also brings the following value-adds to a client and the project they are delivering:

  1. Employee Model – Auxilion provides our permanent PM staff to deliver the project
  2. Project Ownership – Auxilion take ownership of your project through to completion
  3. Service Flex – Enhance or downsize on demand with changing needs
  4. Tool Flex – Leverage your existing in-house PM tools or utilise our toolsets
  5. Location Flex – Onsite, virtual or hybrid resource delivery models flexibility
  6. Performance Management – Auxilion ensures our PMs perform to industry best practice
Managed services

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To learn more about Auxilion’s Managed Project Delivery service, contact us today, a member of our Project Services team is on hand to answer your questions.