Teams: Productivity Enablement

Enable and monitor productivity through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration and communication in organisations around the world. Implementing Microsoft Teams can help your organisation in a number of ways including boosting productivity levels and reducing costs within your organisation. When integrated with the wider Microsoft Suite you will have the ability to increase and monitor the productivity of your employees.

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Monitoring and Enabling Productivity

Productivity enablement within your organisation is critical to empowering employees to meet their goals. Many organisations use Microsoft Teams, however; organisations are not taking full advantage of its capabilities. When used to its full potential Microsoft Teams enables your employees to be more productive.

As well as empowering staff Microsoft Teams can also enable you to drive adoption and adherence to approved business processes, automate workflows and monitor and manage the productivity of staff through real-time reports, which is critical during the current pandemic while staff are working remotely.

Adoption of Business Processes

Using the Microsoft technologies suite available, you can ensure your organisation is operating business processes as designed by your organisation. These Microsoft technologies can be used to ensure the Teams and Channels are created in-line with your organisations approved structured, and with the current policies you have in place. Using these technologies you can also ensure that key tasks are actioned.

Automating Workflows

Using Microsoft Teams with these technologies, you can automate the flow of information and documentation as well as automating the planning of tasks, in turn reducing the number of tasks a team member needs to carry out, allowing your team more time to focus on achieving the end goal.

For project work, automated notifications will also keep management and the project team up to date on the progress of the project throughout its lifecycle.

Monitoring Productivity

When Microsoft Teams is integrated with the broad Microsoft Suite, you will have the ability to monitor the productivity levels of your employees, allowing you to manage your team effectively and achieve your targets. You will already have access to many of the technologies required including Planner, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.

Use Cases


Leveraging Teams and the Power Platform the Account Manager uses automation to support the customer billing process from the creation of the pricing information from both the pricing system and the individual contract to create customised product pricing for that particular customer.

Using Microsoft Planner account manager is able to push out the tasks associated with the approval process. There will be a single copy of the document which the stakeholders can view, avoiding any confusion regarding document versions. If they have not approved or rejected the proposal after a certain time they will receive an automated reminder.

A record is automatically kept of when each stakeholder approved or rejected the proposal, allowing for a standardised approval process and Governance Control within the organisation.

Once approved the customer will send on the proposal the customer and it is automatically updated to the Finance System

All aspects of this process are recorded and can be reported on in real time. This gives full visibility of what stage the proposal is at and a real time view of the pipeline.


The operations team must conduct site inspections and create a report on each inspection which must be signed and printed. The preparing of the report to be printed was a repetitive task that was taking the team 2.1 days per week, this task is now automated using Teams and the Power Platform.

Once the site inspector captures the required information, it is automatically entered against the inspection record. Power Platform Workflows along with Power Automate then complete all tasks.

A  Digital Signatures function is used to automatically insert the inspector’s signature onto the report. Using Power Platform the required reports are automatically generated and attached to the case record, Power Automate then automatically copies the documents to a ‘To Be Printed’ folder on Microsoft Teams.

Site inspectors and the admin team are automatically sent a Teams chat notification that the documents have been transferred and await printing. A task is automatically created for the Admin Team through Planner to conduct the printing. Using a bulk printing application such as print-conductor the documents are printed in one go.


Through Teams and the Power Platform a number of tasks can be automated during a marketing campaign for a webinar. During the creation of any campaign there is always the need for multiple meeting and exchanges of ideas and visuals. Teams with its ability to bring together chats, documents, emails and video has proven an invaluable environment.

Leveraging Teams to share and collaborate on presentations has ensured a streamlined process, while the ability to integrate RSS and other marketing related data feeds into the marketing teams supports the team to both review what other organisations are doing and also to target messaging. Teams also provides the ability to schedule and conduct webinars and live events in a way that works for all types of audiences.

Using the power platform all tagged content relating to a particular topic can be pulled in to one location to drive strong and effective analysis and reporting. The Power Platform also allows for the standardisation of the approval and release of content and messaging, the automation of flows allow for the data to be shared and approved by the key stakeholders.

Automation has also provided for the automatic creation and pulling of marketing generated leads from Dynamics CRM. The contact can be tracked from the time they attend a webinar, or receive marketing materials. Leads are tracked and added to the individual Planners for sales representatives to follow up with, and once contact is established diary invites are sent and contact information is captured and automatically uploaded to CRM.

For management reporting all list of attendees are kept in Microsoft Team for all stakeholders can view at any time. All account manager interactions are automatically captured and all leads and sales conversations are available via Power BI dashboards.

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