Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

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Manage risk in a time of constant change

Hybrid IT strategies i.e. integration between the traditional, on-premise IT infrastructures and Cloud platforms, have become the standard for every organisation. This has expanded the scope for cybersecurity practices.

The traditional mindset towards IT security, which was often static by nature, is no longer satisfactory in the Cloud era as the threat landscape is expanding and evolving at a much faster pace than ever before. Business ownership of security, and clear instructions on the needed level of security are key to protecting the company’s assets. This expanded scope requires a solid cybersecurity program and practice that is aligned with today’s threats and risks.

In short, our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment provides a detailed report of the security posture of your current Microsoft environment and roadmap for any required remedial work.

Why choose Auxilion

Integrated for peace of mind

The Auxilion ‘Cybersecurity Risk Assessment’ (CRA), service provides this through automated scans and analyses, these outputs are combined with our experience and expertise in Digital Transformation to offer an integrated service solution that provides organisations with peace of mind as they digitally transform their business through the adoption of cloud technologies like Office 365, Web Applications and Microsoft Azure.

The CRA is the perfect way to minimise risk and demonstrate that your organisation takes risk seriously.

  • The CRA provides insight into your cybersecurity posture through automated scans and analyses.
  • Our detailed report will provide the basis for your organisation to define priorities and a roadmap to greater security.
  • The CRA will define which technical measures you can take to improve your security posture, particularly as it relates to your on-premise and cloud based Microsoft infrastructure and services.

Auxilion has created three helpful documents that will help you make sense of your secure Digital Transformation Journey.

Managing Risk – The CEO

For the IT leaders within organisations, they are faced with not only securing data, they have to keep up with the rapid pace of change both in terms of digital transformation and minimising threat.


Minimising Risk – The CTO

For the IT leaders within organisations, they are faced with not only securing data, they have to keep up with the rapid pace of change both in terms of digital transformation and minimising threat.


Accounting for Risk – The CFO

The issue of risk management is just as much a concern for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as anyone else. Their primary concern is managing and mitigating financial risk to the organisation. However, they now have much greater influence on how enterprise risk is managed, and this has broadened into data protection. However, they have to play catch up with what this new dimension of risk entails.


There are two ways in which Auxilion can engage and deliver the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment:

  1. A once-off project engagement where the assessment will provide a point in time snapshot of an organisations cybersecurity posture.
  2. A service delivered on a quarterly basis that enables an organisation to constantly assess its cybersecurity posture, implement recommendations and re-check to understand how these implementations have improved the organisations risk posture. This approach allows for a continual assessment against the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture to track progress against best practice


What’s Involved?

Endpoint scan

The cybersecurity assessment tool collects information about accounts, firewall rules, applications installed, the OS/Service Pack, shares and the registry.

Active Directory & Azure AD

The tool retrieves User and Group information, identifies external users and (unused) accounts (including admin accounts) and flags suspicious accounts.

Office 365, SharePoint and Fileshares

The Auxilion cybersecurity tool searches through content in Office 365, SharePoint & Fileshares for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Access granted to SharePoint sites and documents is searched and compared with the accounts in Active Directory to identify unauthorised access.

Reporting and recommendations

The cybersecurity assessment tool produces a detailed report identifying the areas which require attention and recommends actions to be taken to help secure your IT environment.

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