Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

When starting any IT project, ensuring the right information is available, at the right time, helps an organisation make the right decisions.

Making Windows 10 Deployments Painless

The Auxilion ‘Windows 10 Readiness Assessment’ is key to unlocking this information and is the first step towards a successful Windows 10 deployment strategy and migration for your entire end-user desktop environment. In order to migrate to Windows 10, it is critical to have a clear understanding of your current environment including:

  • What devices are present?
  • What applications do you have?
  • Who has what device and where?
  • Is your infrastructure ready for a Windows 10 migration?

Windows 10 offers several different deployment mechanisms but there is no ‘one size fits all’. Deployment methods vary from client to client. Windows 10 also offers several new security features but not all features are compatible with all hardware and a readiness assessment will outline any issues early on.

Rationale for the Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

Our Windows 10 Readiness Assessment provides comprehensive analysis for your Windows 10 deployment strategy. Without this, your project risks running into unexpected additional costs and potential application compatibility issues. The combined device and application information, makes it possible to create the optimum migration plan, based on the assessment information.

Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

Assessment outputs

Once the Windows 10 Readiness Assessment is completed, we provide a comprehensive report and workshop, which includes a clear roadmap. The assessment will help you understand the best migration path for your devices, including ‘in-situ’ upgrades, ‘wipe and load’ and ‘dynamic provisioning’. The audit will provide an understanding of the application status, including what applications have been installed and by whom, permissions and finally, how many devices host this application.

Once the current status of all software and hardware has been assessed, it provides your organisation with the opportunity to rationalise and standardise your application estate.

According to Microsoft, a large percentage of installed applications running on Windows 7 and 8 will also run on Windows 10. This will differ for each organisation, based on internal levels of application customisation. Once understood you can forward the required applications to the centralised application factory for remediation.

The Auxilion Windows 10 Readiness Assessment will also provide a detailed overview of your core infrastructure and whether it is fit for purpose. This is includes establishing the current status of your Active Directory, SCCM (which offers maximum control over quality and feature updates for Windows 10) and ensure your network bandwidth is sufficient to handle over the wire migrations.

What Gartner Say:

“Windows migrations are multistep operations consisting of evaluation and testing phases, plus the actual move. For Windows 10, it can take about 21 months or more for an organisation to complete all the steps, which is faster than past Windows migration estimates.”

Understand how your organisation can upgrade to Windows 10 now and avoid costly mistakes.

Migrate to Windows 10

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