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About Philip Maguire

My role is to provide leadership and direction for the Group. I constantly look to the future to make sure that we differentiate ourselves in the market.

Experienced, award-winning, global partnership

Philip is the founder and CEO of I.T. Alliance Group. Founded in 1997, the Group encompasses three main business units. Initally, I.T. Alliance was established as the outsourcing partner of choice for leading, international organisations such as IBM, HP and DXC. The contracting arm, I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services, identifies, upskills and places the best technical talent for leading Irish, UK and international organisations and service providers. Finally, Auxilion is a leading Microsoft partner. As an award-winning provider of I.T. services, we deliver bespoke solutions for public and private organisations in the UK and Ireland. Auxilion’s range of I.T. services includes; consulting, project management, project delivery and managed services.

Entrepreurial and Experienced

Philip encourages an entrepreneurial ethos across the organisation and belives the use of technology can facilitate better working practices and growth. He attributes much of his success to these factors and the company’s strong industry alliances.

Philip is a member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland and has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Trinity College, where he was awarded the John Goodman Prize for the best graduate on the programme. The Irish Management Institute also presented him with the Charles Harvey Award in 1991.

Leadership and Direction

“My role is to provide leadership and direction for the I.T. Alliance Group. This requires me to constantly look to the future to ensure that we differentiate ourselves in the market. Similar to many CEOs, it can be easy to become distracted by the day to day running of an organisation. This does nothing to benefit the long term growth of the Group.  With that in mind, I am very disciplined and focused on the long term strategy of the organisation. In addition to discipline and focus, I also have an amazing team that have been with the organisation for over ten years in many cases. This team not only lead the organisation on a day to basis but also ensure we constantly evolve and change – otherwise, we could find ourselves out of business.”

Staff are key

The talented teams and individuals that provide our digital, managed and project services within the Group are key to our success. In terms of managing teams, there are two key insights Philip always keep in mind:

  • Empower: “This means providing people with the opportunity to grow and develop within the company. If they have a good idea, then give them the responsibility to run with it. You may need, initially, to oversee what they are doing, but they’ve got to learn that they are responsible for delivery.”
  • Praise: “It’s easy to get lost in the daily tasks. I always make time to lift the phone and congratulate my staff. Whether it is to recognise an award or  someone who has delivered a particularly great piece of work for a client.  It is an important part of managing a team. Having a mission is one thing but bringing people along this journey and motivating them is something else. “