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Digital transformation can’t come at the cost of compromising network security. As you plan out new technology investments and changes to your IT infrastructure, your business needs a security and network management strategy that will maintain end-to-end security as your tech stack evolves. At every stage of transformation and maintenance, our experts keep you protected against the latest security threats.

Service Resilience

Catch vulnerabilities and service disruptions early—and minimise the fallout from these threats. We work with technology partners such as Microsoft and IBM to strengthen service resilience through testing, design, and ongoing network management.

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Remote Access

Extend network security across all remote endpoints. From Aruba VIA to Azure Virtual Desktop, we implement remote access solutions to deliver secure remote access without compromising the access or performance of your remote workers.

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Cloud Services

Support your on-premise applications—or shift your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. However you plan to incorporate the hybrid cloud into your IT architecture, we help you implement cloud services to enable, enhance, and protect the rest of your tech stack.

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Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation doesn’t happen overnight. No matter where you are in the cloud customer lifecycle, we help leverage Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to provide consistent security and protection for new, cloud-based capabilities. 

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Network Security

Protect your entire business network—even as that network expands and evolves. Our hybrid cloud security partners can help you design and implement a custom network security solution that scales with your needs and grows with your business.

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Network Access Control

Enable remote access to your network without inviting unwanted guests. Our experts will set up a network access control solution to monitor and manage network access authorisations, keeping unwanted devices and users out of your business network.

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Endpoint Security

A modern workplace brings a wider range of network-connected devices—including devices used for remote work. Through device management and comprehensive endpoint security, we help extend your network security to every single device.

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Auxilion Solutions | Service Resilience

Service Resilience

Auxilion Solutions | Remote Access

Remote Access

Auxilion Solutions | Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Auxilion Solutions | Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Auxilion Solutions | Network Security

Network Security

Auxilion Solutions | Network Access Control

Network Access Control

Auxilion Solutions | End Point Security

 Endpoint Security


How Does Network Security Work?

Network security functions through a combination of technologies, processes, and policies designed to protect networks, devices, and data from unauthorised access or malicious attacks. Here's an overview of how it works:

Firewalls: These act as the first line of defence, monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic and allowing or blocking specific data packets based on pre-established security protocols.

Encryption: Network security employs encryption techniques to scramble data as it travels across networks, making it unreadable to unauthorised users. This ensures that even if intercepted, the data remains secure.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS): These systems monitor network traffic for suspicious activity or known attack patterns. They can either detect and alert administrators about potential threats (IDS) or actively block malicious traffic (IPS).

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): VPNs create secure, encrypted connections over public networks (like the internet), allowing users to access private networks remotely while ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

Access Control: This restricts access to networks and resources based on user credentials, ensuring that only authorised individuals or devices can access sensitive information or systems.

Security Protocols: Implementing secure protocols like HTTPS, SSL/TLS for web communication, and other secure communication standards strengthens the security of data transmission.

Regular Updates & Patches: Keeping software, firmware, and security systems up-to-date with the latest patches and updates is crucial to address vulnerabilities and protect against emerging threats.

User Education & Policies: Educating users about security best practices and enforcing policies (like strong password requirements, multi-factor authentication) helps in reducing human error and enhancing overall network security.

These components work together to create layers of defence, fortifying networks against various types of cyber threats and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and resources within the network.

Benefits of Network Security

Data Protection: Safeguards sensitive data from unauthorised access, maintaining confidentiality and integrity.

Cyber Threats: Acts as a barrier against malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats, preventing system compromise.

Enhanced System Reliability: Reduces downtime caused by breaches, ensuring uninterrupted system operation and boosting productivity.

Regulatory Compliance: Helps meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring adherence to legal guidelines.

Building Trust: Instills confidence in customers and stakeholders, bolstering the organisation's reputation and credibility in the digital space.

Don't compromise on your network's security—connect with Auxilion today to safeguard your digital assets and ensure peace of mind.

Do Network Security Systems allow for customisation?

Yes, network security systems often allow for extensive customization to meet the specific needs and requirements of an organisation. Customisation options may vary depending on the specific security solution or vendor, but in general, network security systems offer a range of configurable settings and options to tailor security measures to the unique needs and challenges of an organisation.

Is network security part of cybersecurity?

Yes, network security is a fundamental component of cybersecurity. It specifically focuses on protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and resources within a network infrastructure.

Cybersecurity, as a broader field, encompasses various measures and practices aimed at safeguarding computer systems, networks, devices, and data from unauthorised access, cyber threats, and attacks.

Network security, within the realm of cybersecurity, specifically concentrates on securing the network infrastructure itself—such as routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices—against threats like unauthorised access, malware, phishing, and other types of cyber-attacks that target the network.

How can I make sure that our employees follow all network security guidelines?

Ensuring that staff follows network security guidelines involves a combination of strategies and practices, such as education and training, clear documentation, and regular communication.

Technology we use to build our security & networking solutions

Protect your business with the world’s best security and network management solutions. From Microsoft to HPE to Aruba and beyond, our network of best-in-class technology partners makes it easy to support your business with best-fit security technologies.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Silver Peak
Trend Micro
Mainstream Renewable Power

IT partnership supports progressive renewable energy company

Mainstream were using a heavily customized version of SharePoint 2007 for managing projects and for managing documents across the company. The system had become slow and outdated. It needed a complete overhaul to ensure it did not hinder the rapid growth of the business—so they turned to Auxilion.

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The overall focus of the engagement has been to cut overall IT costs over a period of time, while at the same time giving the company the ability to scale quickly should it need to do so.
Chief Information Officer
Mainstream Renewable Power
Mainstream Renewable Power | Auxilion Case Study
ICG Logo

Managed ICT services for the next wave of transformation

ICG decided they wanted to outsource the management and monitoring of critical ICT infrastructure across Ireland and Europe. As the successful vendor, Auxilion was contracted to provide a managed service covering the remote system monitoring and full management ownership of a specified estate.

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“We selected Auxilion because of its track record in high quality, 24x7x365 IT support across borders.”
Seamus McCarville
Head of IT, Irish Continental Group
ICG Case Study
Applegreen Logo

Transforming IT infrastructures to future proof growth

Applegreen required a total digital transformation and a cloud-based solution to facilitate the transition from legacy IT systems across their 400+ global sites. So they partnered with Auxilion who implemented a comprehensive, reliable cloud-based solution using the Microsoft Azure platform.

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“Auxilion is an award-winning Microsoft partner and it was great to have the benefit of that expertise in the implementation of such a business critical programme. We also have the reassurance of 24x7 support from Auxilion centres in Dublin and Sheffield.”



Group Head of Technology
Applegreen Auxilion | Case Study
Canford Logo

How cloud technology transformed a healthcare provider

Replacing and maintaining a wide range of on-premises servers was expensive and inefficient. So Canford Healthcare engaged Auxilion to provide a solution which would ensure that the company had a scalable platform for future growth.

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“Auxilion’s implementation and support people have been great. We specialise in care and Auxilion demonstrated the same commitment all along the way.”



Brian Cooney
Managing Director, Canford Healthcare
Auxilion Partnership | Canford Case Study

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