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Business processes are at the heart of broader business strategies. As organisations grow in size and complexity, these processes can enable or inhibit transformation and growth. Our business process optimisation (BPO) consulting focuses on the design, implementation and governance of processes to optimise business outcomes.

Modern Workplace Strategy

Hybrid working, virtualisation and cloud-based capabilities are all integral to a modern work environment. We implement a modern workplace strategy that offers the right mix of technology and processes to maximise the value of this flexible workplace model.

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Review Processes

Your digital infrastructure is always evolving and growing. Our BPO service stays adaptable to these changes through regular review processes that ensure alignment between business processes and their intended outcomes.

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Design Automation

Automation capabilities make it easier to ensure consistency in your BPO procedures. Our experts guide your internal teams through a design automation process that facilitates consistent, outcome-aligned BPO services across your IT infrastructure.

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Test and Deploy

Process-based applications are key to harnessing the full value of BPO—particularly at scale. Our BPO experts support your business through modern BPO software that makes it easy to test and deploy process applications in service of your larger BPO strategy.

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Monitoring and Management

A successful launch of BPO capabilities is only the start of your BPO journey. Our experts provide ongoing support through monitoring and maintenance across your entire BPO architecture. This reduces application downtime and enables ongoing process optimisation.

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Auxilion Solutions - Modern Workplace Strategy

Modern Workplace Strategy

Auxilion Solutions - Review Processes

Review Processes

Design Automation

Design Automation

Test and Deploy

Test & Deploy

Monitoring & Management

Monitoring & Management


Right service makes very tech solution better

Fulfil your strategic vision with the help of trusted world-class solutions. From Microsoft to HPE and beyond, our network of best-in-class technology partners makes it easy to connect your company to the best-fit business technologies.

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Mainstream Renewable Power

IT partnership supports progressive renewable energy company

Mainstream were using a heavily customized version of SharePoint 2007 for managing projects and for managing documents across the company. The system had become slow and outdated. It needed a complete overhaul to ensure it did not hinder the rapid growth of the business—so they turned to Auxilion.

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The overall focus of the engagement has been to cut overall IT costs over a period of time, while at the same time giving the company the ability to scale quickly should it need to do so.
Chief Information Officer
Mainstream Renewable Power
Mainstream Renewable Power | Auxilion Case Study
ICG Logo

Managed ICT services for the next wave of transformation

ICG decided they wanted to outsource the management and monitoring of critical ICT infrastructure across Ireland and Europe. As the successful vendor, Auxilion was contracted to provide a managed service covering the remote system monitoring and full management ownership of a specified estate.

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“We selected Auxilion because of its track record in high quality, 24x7x365 IT support across borders.”
Seamus McCarville
Head of IT, Irish Continental Group
ICG Case Study
Applegreen Logo

Transforming IT infrastructures to future proof growth

Applegreen required a total digital transformation and a cloud-based solution to facilitate the transition from legacy IT systems across their 400+ global sites. So they partnered with Auxilion who implemented a comprehensive, reliable cloud-based solution using the Microsoft Azure platform.

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“Auxilion is an award-winning Microsoft partner and it was great to have the benefit of that expertise in the implementation of such a business critical programme. We also have the reassurance of 24x7 support from Auxilion centres in Dublin and Sheffield.”



Group Head of Technology
Applegreen Auxilion | Case Study
Canford Logo

How cloud technology transformed a healthcare provider

Replacing and maintaining a wide range of on-premises servers was expensive and inefficient. So Canford Healthcare engaged Auxilion to provide a solution which would ensure that the company had a scalable platform for future growth.

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“Auxilion’s implementation and support people have been great. We specialise in care and Auxilion demonstrated the same commitment all along the way.”



Brian Cooney
Managing Director, Canford Healthcare
Auxilion Partnership | Canford Case Study

What Is Business Process Optimisation?

Business Process Optimisation (BPO) involves analysing and refining existing business processes to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. It aims to streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and enhance the quality of outputs.

BPO entails a systematic approach that begins with understanding current processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to optimise these processes. This optimization can involve various strategies such as reducing unnecessary steps, automating repetitive tasks, reallocating resources, or leveraging technology to enhance operations.

The goal of business process optimization is to create leaner, more agile, and more effective workflows that contribute to better utilisation of resources, increased productivity, and improved outcomes for the organisation.

Benefits Of Process Automation

Increased Efficiency: Automation streamlines repetitive tasks, reducing manual intervention and enabling faster completion of processes. This efficiency frees up time for employees to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks, boosting overall productivity.

Improved Accuracy: Automated processes minimise human errors that often occur during manual tasks. This leads to more consistent and accurate results, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and rework.

Cost Savings: By optimising processes and reducing the need for manual labour, automation can significantly lower operational costs. This includes savings from reduced manpower, decreased errors, and increased efficiency.

Enhanced Scalability: Automated processes are more easily scalable as they can handle increased volumes of work without substantial adjustments. This scalability ensures that systems can adapt to changing business demands without sacrificing performance.

Better Compliance and Consistency: Automation enforces standardised processes, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies. This consistency in execution reduces compliance risks.

Faster Decision Making: Automation provides real-time data and analytics, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making processes. This agility is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment.

Customer Satisfaction: Streamlined and efficient processes lead to faster response times and improved service delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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