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Upgrading the full IT estate in health & social care

“Auxilion helped us to solve key issues in the short term and to map out a clear and comprehensive IT strategy for the long term.”

Chief Information Officer

Project at a glance

  • Industry

    Health & Social Care

  • Challenge

    Flight plan & BCP/DR consulting

  • Solutions delivered

    • Cloud Technology

Difference we made

  • Provided efficient, targeted remedial solutions for key issues within the I.T. estate

  • Provided workshops to help staff with the transition

  • Designed a longer-term roadmap for a more transformational ICT solution

  • Designed and implemented a cohesive internal communications and data management system

  • Recommended a hybrid cloud solution based on Azure


An ICT landscape in need of a complete overhaul

A national health organisation authority in Ireland engaged Auxilion for remedial upgrades of their IT estate, storage expansion, and a review of their applications relating to their core ICT services. 

The following challenges and concerns shaped an ICT ‘Flight plan’ engagement with Auxilion: 

  • Technology potentially out of data and impact on delivery of projects  
  • Hosted applications   
  • Capacity constraints associated with the technology platforms  
  • Disparate solutions utilised for same functions 
  • Need for unified communications  
  • Reliance on one or two core platforms 
  • Data management & data sharing constraints  
  • Shadow IT solutions  
  • Limited User Portal functionality

A three phased approach to digital modernisation

The project involved a comprehensive review of the client’s ICT landscape, including an evaluation of their IT solutions and architecture, identification of gaps and weaknesses in the ‘As Is’ environment, setting the agenda for remedial work, and laying the foundations of a digital modernisation programme.

The project was framed over three phases: Securing & Stabilising the environment, foundational enabling works for Modernising the Environment, and Modernising & Transforming the ICT estate.


A major transformation with multiple milestone achievements

The client’s ICT estate was assessed through targeted documentation reviews, workshops with the ICT & business teams, and gaps with associated recommendations developed under the following headings: 

  • Infrastructure 
  • Data 
  • Infrastructure Services 
  • Business Applications 
  • Business Interfaces 


Auxilion identified the operational ‘slack’ for each area and provided a detailed Infrastructure ‘As Is’ model (based on industry best practices). This was then used to assess, review and frame remedial works while developing a longer-term road map for a more transformational ICT solution. 

Targeted recommendations were made to:

  • Bring the client into support for Server OSs, Platforms and Production Workloads which posed immediate risks  
  • Replace the SAN to provide both Storage and Performance Capacity.  
  • Introduce a Hybrid Cloud solution, based on Azure, to address short term capacity and performance concerns and to allow the client to harness the advantages of Cloud IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS brings for new ways of developing software and Architecting ICT solutions.  
  • Adopt Microsoft O365 & Intune to leverage productivity, collaboration & security
  • Simplify & Reduce ICT platforms outside of their HQ site  
  • Re-architect their backup solutions to harness Azure Cloud Storage for long-term retention and to decouple backups and production workloads in the same location.  
  • Explore the possibility of outsourcing their security management to a Managed Service provider.  

“In our industry, reliable IT infrastructure, data security, and communications are essential. Having a partner with Auxilion’s expertise throughout a major transition was crucial to us.”

Chief Information Officer


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