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Webinar on Demand: Addressing the Critical IT Challenges

04 April 2023


If you missed it the first time round, this is a fantastic opportunity to downlaod the recording of our recent webinar to learn from Auxilion's industry experts about overcoming IT challenges facing organisations. Auxilion’s Digital Services Competency Lead, Martin Patterson, and Group Sales Director Paul Schmitz lead a discussion on some of the key decisions facing business leaders around IT strategy. An experienced leader in the field, Martin will demonstrate why now is the time to reassess your IT strategy. The challenges discussed at this webinar are based on market insights and discussions we have had with our customers. We understand the challenges they face and the necessary steps to overcome them. 

Outdated processes and technologies; Budgetary constraints; lack of ROI for tech spend; IT strategies that are not sufficiently aligned with overall business strategies

These are some of the critical issues currently facing business leaders and CIOs. During this Webinar, we will discuss these challenges and how you can overcome them with a comprehensive IT strategy.

Overcoming IT Challenges

FlightPlan helps organisations to avoid project delays, inefficient processes, and poor ROI for tech spend. Auxilion will provide a clear and comprehensive report which you can distribute among the stakeholders within your organisation.

Auxilion’s FlightPlan provides a detailed roadmap for the successful design and execution of an IT strategy. It provides the key information on where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there. It includes budgetary estimates for each step of the way, ensures that your IT strategy is aligned with overall business strategy, and future proofs your tech.


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