Webinar On Demand: Hybrid Cloud Transition- Overcoming Key Challenges

22 June 2023

Download our Hybrid Cloud webinar, in which we discuss the benefits of hybrid cloud, the importance of a clear and comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy, and how your organisation can overcome key cloud challenges with Auxilion’s support.

At Auxilion, we know that hybrid cloud is a central priority for the years ahead for many organisations. Developing a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy is an essential first step.

The transition to hybrid cloud involves overcoming challenges around data security, governance and compliance, cost management, and organisational change. It can be a complex process and requires a clear strategy and comprehensive preparation. At our webinars, we will demonstrate how to develop and implement an effective hybrid cloud strategy. We will address common challenges around hybrid cloud and discuss how your organisation can overcome them.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud environments are the combination of multiple private and/or public cloud solutions, together with the connectivity between them. These environments can bring a range of benefits to an organisation. However, these benefits can only be achieved through a consistent and coherent approach to management and operations.

Challenges of Hybrid Cloud

While there are many benefits to transitioning to the cloud, the process also involves certain challenges. At our webinars, we will address the common challenges in adopting a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure:


Ensuring that the TCO of cloud solutions is comprehensively understood; controlling accelerating spend when resources are created by business owners rather than by IT


Using traditional management tools and processes in the cloud

Split horizons due to different management tools for cloud and on-premise

Workload Transformation

Developing and maintaining the skills and knowledge to transform workloads to cloud-native services

Time and effort required to adopt new development processes and methodologies


Understanding the security model of cloud

Balancing security with convenience when architecting cloud foundations and individual solutions

Identity & Access Control

Providing a single, reliable means of managing identity and controlling access


Ensuring solutions meet all appropriate data and compliance requirements

Download our webinar to learn how you can develop a hybrid cloud strategy and overcome the challenges of transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment.

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