Webinar on Demand: Are Your IT Managed Services at Breaking Point?

31 May 2023

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At Auxilion, we are finding that many organisations are currently facing severe challenges with their IT Managed Services. Many organisations know that there are serious problems but are struggling to identify precisely what they are.

Services are becoming more and more reactive due to a lack of structure and discipline around processes, a lack of alignment between IT strategy and overall business strategy, and issues around capacity planning and management and partner management. Many organisations feel that these issues have reached breaking point. These problems emerge from a range of sources, including:

  • Business strategy and IT strategy being insufficiently aligned
  • Lack of influence from the IT department within the organisation
  • The impact of organic growth
  • Lack of key governance and structural elements
  • Multiple, demanding projects occurring simultaneously and competing with BAU
  • A lack of clarity due to a lack of data capture and ITSM foundations
  • Failure to optimise and automate due to a lack understanding of baseline
  • Partners and suppliers not being integrated properly to support the business

At this webinar Auxilion’s IT Services Competency Lead, Mark Charmant, demonstrated how Auxilion’s support can help you to overcome these critical issues and get your IT Managed Services where they need to be.

Problems around IT Managed Services can quickly become critical for businesses. However, with the right processes, you can effectively transform your Managed Services and make them one or your organisation’s greatest strengths.

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