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Auxilion Modern Workplace: Employee Onboarding

14 February 2023

This is the first in a series of blogs on the benefits of Auxilion Modern Workplace 

Many organisations are currently facing challenges around talent- particularly with regard to their onboarding processes. When companies hire talent, it’s important that they reach full productivity as quickly as possible. This also applies to employees moving roles within an organisation. Auxilion’s Modern Workplace support support can reduce full onboarding time by 50%.

The essential information employees need to reach full productivity must be organised for accessibility and efficiency. It’s necessary to avoid overwhelming people in new roles with excessive or inadequate information. The overall process should also be supportive and positive for each employee.

Auxilion Modern Workplace provides support around onboarding processes to ensure a comprehensive, efficient, and positive experience for all employees. For a detailed overview of Auxilion Modern Workplace onboarding support, download our brochure below.


Comprehensive Support

Auxilion Modern Workplace provides a range of benefits across an organisation. AMW supports employee wellbeing, engagement, productivity, and retention. It significantly increases the efficiency of Starter/Mover/Leaver processes and aligns projects and actions with overall business objectives.

Auxilion’s partnering style allows our experts to develop a true understanding of your organisation’s unique challenges and objectives. This means that we can provide insights and recommendations on how AMW can benefit you. We will work with you to design and implement an effective Auxilion Modern Workplace strategy and will provide ongoing support throughout the process.


Auxilion Modern Workplace: Key Benefits

Auxilion Modern Workplace uses the full suite of Microsoft Viva tools to create a range of benefits across your organisation.

Faster Onboarding Process

Enables a 50% reduction in full onboarding time

Improved Search & Discovery

Enables a 50% reduction in employee search time by organising resources and information for accessibility

Improved Employee Engagement & Retention

Improves employee retention through consistent insights and engagement

Employee Wellbeing

Supports employee wellbeing and motivation through a range of applications

Time Savings for Operations Teams

Increases efficiency through tooling and automation

Improved Business Outcomes

Aligns actions and projects with desired outcomes throughout an organisation

Flexibility & Expansion

Designed for easy integration, flexibility, and expansion

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