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Auxilion’s Governance & IT Insights 2022: Investment, Cloud & Cybersecurity

25 October 2022

Download your copy of our report today to gain insights from the C-suite on IT investment, governance, cloud, cybersecurity and trends.

We have just made it through a period of disruption, but uncertain times lie ahead. Businesses must therefore ensure that they are implementing the right solutions to help them innovate, thrive and grow – not just today, but into the future. This means investing across the board, from technologies and partnerships to training and resourcing. It also means prioritising governance and taking advantage of trends that will work for your people and your business. It means digital thinking, built different. 

This independent research, conducted by Censuswide, involved C-suite executives in enterprises across Ireland. We commissioned this research to gain insights at board level about IT investment, governance, cybersecurity, partnership, tech strategy and cloud. This report presents the key findings of the survey alongside the insights and recommendations of experts from across our organisation.

Key Findings include:

  • Irish business leaders expect to invest an average of €747,071.21 in IT by the end of 2022
  • Biggest obstacles to successful IT strategy delivery are supply chain issues (33%), changing workstyles (32%), and staff not having the knowledge to effectively use IT (32%)
  • 59% of Irish businesses have had to abandon a project due to poor governance
  • Failed digital transformation projects over the last 12 months have cost Irish businesses an average of over €320,000
  • 80% of C-suite executives believe outsourcing IT to a partner would improve governance
  • 69% of C-suite executives believe their company will fall victim to a cybersecurity breach in the next 12 months

In our report, we take a closer look at the findings and what Irish organisations can learn from them.

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