Infrastructure & Database Assessments- Benefits

23 November 2022

Infrastructure & Database Assessments are designed to help organisations understand the benefits of migrating workloads from on-premise environments into the cloud platform Microsoft Azure. Auxilion provides these assessments free of charge in partnership with Microsoft. Minimal input is required from the customer after initial setup. A full assessment generally takes 2-4 weeks and provides a range of benefits. Assessments will identify potential financial savings, technical opportunities, and potential improvements in productivity and cybersecurity.


Who Assessments Are For

Assessments will provide value for any customer with a significant reliance on Microsoft resources. Aside from this, there are no real parameters. Any organisation with a high consumption of Microsoft resources will benefit. An assessment will provide detailed estimates of operating costs after migrating from on-premise to Azure.

The customer is required to work with Microsoft and Auxilion to open up a certain amount of their IT environment for the installation of the tooling required for the assessment. Aside from that, the assessment comes with no cost and no commitment. The customer will receive a report, delivered by Microsoft and Auxilion, with a full assessment of the current on-premise setup and recommendations on how Azure can benefit the organisation from the perspective of consumption, cost, storage, and overall efficacy.


Assessment Benefits


Environmental discovery and current sizing and performance

An Infrastructure & Database Assessment will give you a comprehensive, detailed overview of your entire IT estate. It will evaluate sizing and performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Many organisations do not have all the information they need about their own IT estate. Applications may be running that are not actually necessary or could be managed more efficiently. Data that is no longer required may still be taking up significant storage space.

An assessment will provide a full overview and analysis. It will give you a clear idea of how you can manage your estate in Azure most effectively in terms of efficiency, security, storage optimisation and collaboration. Assessments will also demonstrate potential improvements you can make by transferring data and workloads from on-premise into the cloud.

Auxilion and Microsoft’s assessment report will show you the way towards a more organised, efficient, cost-effective and secure IT estate. It will also demonstrate how you can improve your storage infrastructure and grow your organisation sustainably and effectively.


Network connectivity, performance and activity

Moving applications into Azure can improve performance and collaboration across an organisation. Azure provides connectivity and accessibility for data and applications from anywhere for users with the correct permissions. This facilitates collaboration across distributed working groups.

Assessments will identify the assets for migration that will provide most benefit for you in terms of overall performance. Migrating key functions and applications from on-premise to Azure will also modernise your organisation’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Azure uses the latest and most effective cybersecurity technology and protocols to protect against cybersecurity threats. An assessment will provide an indication of the potential cybersecurity benefits of a planned migration.


Proposed solution sizing and Azure costs

Migrating workloads from on-premise to Azure may not automatically be cheaper for your organisation. However, cost-efficiency will grow as you innovate and modernise assets during and after the migration process. An Infrastructure & Database Assessment will demonstrate how you can adapt applications to make supporting them more cost-effective. It may also identify applications currently within your IT estate that can be removed or made more efficient.

An assessment will provide clear indications of how you can modernise and streamline your datacentre through migration. Azure is extremely flexible and can facilitate growth and automation. If you are running out of space in an on-premise datacentre, an assessment will also identify opportunities for easing pressure by moving workloads into the cloud. Infrastructure & Database Assessments are a great first step in modernising your IT estate and making it more sustainable and efficient.


Business value and sustainability analysis

Many organisations are currently coping with supply chain issues and sustainability challenges. In some cases, organisations are relying on legacy hardware due to supply chain issues. Decreasing reliance on the energy grid is also a priority for many companies.

A Database & Infrastructure Assessment can help your organisation to reduce expenditure and reliance on hardware by moving applications and workflows into the cloud. It can also help customers to decrease reliance on the energy grid by moving data into the cloud and making an IT estate more efficient overall. This means that assessments can identify opportunities to make a business more sustainable. With ESG compliance a growing priority for many organisations, this is a key benefit.

An assessment will also help you to get as much value as possible from your IT infrastructure. It will identify opportunities to increase efficiency and will highlight applications that can be removed or modernised.


Application Modernisation and alternative Azure solutions

An Infrastructure & Database Assessment will help your organisation to identify technical opportunities. It will show you how you can modernise applications and take advantage of solutions offered by Azure. Migrating functions and applications to Azure will allow your organisation to utilise the latest and best Microsoft technologies to support your business objectives. Operating in the Cloud makes it much easier to leverage other Microsoft data services, particularly as they are designed to function effectively with Azure.

Through Azure, your organisation can plug into other data services to support analytics, AI, machine learning and reporting. Assessments will identify technical opportunities associated with migration and the Azure solutions that will benefit your organisation most. It will also demonstrate which data and applications will benefit most from migration.


Proceeding With an Assessment

Infrastructure & Database Assessments are comprehensive and provide a range of benefits for customers. As part of the assessment, Auxilion will provide input on migration costs, retiring legacy hardware, ensuring that you have capacity for growth, and making sure that your organisation has the potential to modernise its datacentre and applications.

If you choose to proceed with the migrations recommended by the assessment, Auxilion’s team will provide the following supports:

  • Help prepare for cloud adoption and guide overall cloud migration efforts
  • Take responsibility for understanding cloud technologies and migration processes
  • Identify and communicate the business justification for migrations
  • Determine the best high-level solutions for migration efforts
  • Help to identify and work with specific applications and business stakeholders

You can find a comprehensive overview of Infrastructure & Database Assessments here.

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