Auxilion Innovation Day

Auxilion Innovation Day 2022

17 February 2022

Today is Auxilion’s second annual Innovation Day. Innovation is, of course, something we encourage and aim for 365 days a year. It’s one of our core values: we always aim to be different, we continually optimise, we embrace change. We support innovation on an ongoing basis. But the reason that we have Innovation Day is to reflect on this core value and to celebrate it. People are often so busy looking forward that they don’t have time to reflect on what has already been achieved.

That’s what this day is about for us. It’s an opportunity to recognise what we’ve done, to acknowledge how innovation has been incorporated throughout the entire business, and to make special recognition of the people who have driven it.

When I think of innovation and what it means, for me, it’s about executing an idea which addresses a specific opportunity and achieves value for both the company and the customer. It doesn’t have to be a big, dramatic thing necessarily. It can be a small adjustment. But it has to add value. It has to be something that can be executed. It can’t be purely conceptual. It has to be something that can get done and will add demonstrable value for the company and the customer.

Innovation is crucial in everything we do as a business. When you consider it in terms of growth, if we’re bringing new technologies, products and services to market, that creates opportunities to grow the business. That’s innovation that has a real impact on the bottom line. When you consider innovation from a business perspective, it helps us to create a competitive advantage. Bringing that way of thinking into everything we do helps us to stand apart from our competitors.

Innovation helps us to continue meeting customer needs. Those needs are changing, so we need to make sure we bring that ability to think and do differently into everything we offer our customers and into all of our engagements with them.

Our talent acquisition strategy is also built around innovation. People want to work for companies that are innovative, that embrace change, that do things a little differently. We’re always trying to bring the best people into an organisation already full of very talented people. We need to communicate that message around innovation, that it’s a key cultural component here. Again, this really helps us to stand apart from our competitors as a place where people are excited to work.

The last couple of years have seen previously unthinkable changes occurring right across the board. Workplace dynamics are changing dramatically. The new focus on the future of work and the hybrid model, for example, is a huge change. Our ability and willingness to embrace change, to see it as an opportunity, will really help us to adapt to this new world.

Being different is a key component in terms of who we are and what we value, as a business and as individuals. It has huge impacts in terms of growing our business, staying competitive, and attracting the right people. So while innovation is something we embrace every single day, Innovation Day is about recognising it as a priority, taking the time to pause and reflect on it as a core value, and acknowledging those people who continue to drive that culture of change across the business.


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