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How much time does your team waste waiting for IT support?

06 February 2017

In this digital economy, servicing our customers, shipping goods out the door, collecting payment and everything in between is totally reliant upon business applications. It comes as no surprise then that 42% of all issues logged with the Auxilion Service Desk relate to Applications, whilst the old problem of connectivity is now almost a non-event at only 6%

So what does this mean for most organisations? The “plumbing” has been fixed, largely through investment in more effective monitoring and management – tasks often outsourced to experts such as Auxilion due to the costs involved in running 24×7 Network Operations Centres. This is where many organisations stop, assuming that once the plumbing is right, everything else will just flow.

Our data shows that the vast majority of times, the blockage doesn’t occur in the pipe – it is often at the end point, be it the application, an issue with the PC, a virus or simply a misinformed team member. We also know that on average, each issue for a single person takes 4-8 hours to resolve (organisation > 500 users) – and that doesn’t include the time they spend consulting a team mate, adding to the overall disruption and loss of productivity!


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