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Hybrid Working, Employee Expectations and Network Security.

30 November 2021

“We can’t stop employees leaving unless we have a plan to make them stay”, source unknown.

The ‘Great Resignation’ is a clickbait headline that’s captivating news desks and journalist’s headlines across the world. Yes, attrition rates are on the rise and workforce mobility is higher than normal  (although, even the use of the word normal doesn’t seem fitting in today’s day and age). But when you think of natural and desired attrition, an almost two-year period of stagnant mobility mid-pandemic and other life-balance considerations, is it really that high? Well, yes, it is. It’s high and the recruitment market can resemble the ‘Hunger Games’ at times.

Talent Acquisition teams are feverishly rolling out internal employee engagement programmes and executing external employer brand initiatives to keep their ‘people capital’ at the strength it needs to be at. Instead of panicking, companies need to plan. The first step is always to listen to your employees – their concerns, their plans, their needs, their expectations. Once you’ve understood these, you can then build a robust strategy to support and empower.

In developing our ‘Secure Hybrid Working Report 2021’, we wanted to get insights into the market. Auxilion, in partnership with Aruba and Mediateam, put a survey in the field to get the thoughts and opinions of IT Decision Makers on a range of topics covering IT budget, security and network readiness, employee engagement and more.

Survey Highlights:

The survey included questions relating to employee engagement, motivations and hybrid working that posed a series of statements, and asked respondents to agree or disagree. Some of the results include:

  • 71% of IT leaders would refuse or quit job if remote/hybrid working not offered
  • My main consideration when accepting a job offer is salary (33% agreed)
  • My main consideration when accepting a job offer is work/life balance (93% agreed)
  • I believe working remotely would improve my quality of life (86% agreed)
  • By 2025, the majority of office workers will work remotely (74% agreed)
  • I’m planning a career move in the next 12 months (29% agreed)
  • It’s difficult to build relationships with colleagues when remote working (47% agreed)

Your people strategy and your IT and networking strategy often go hand-in-hand. How, where and when employees work significantly impacts an organisation’s technical considerations and infrastructure.  What’s the impact on permanent hybrid/flexible working, for example?

The shift is clear and while arguably inevitable, the past two years has accelerated the prominence and prioritisation of agile workstyles. Therefore, business leaders can no longer neglect this and need to give staff more options in terms of facilitating flexible hours, supporting the work/life balance and enabling both office and remote working.

Employee retention and recruitment will go together with a company’s attitude and approach to hybrid working. It’s also no leap to state that the decisions made will have significant and strategic implications for the security and networking considerations for these companies when you now consider that every single employee’s home is potentially an office that is accessing your network.

More importantly, are you ready for it?

You can download the full ‘Secure Hybrid Working Report 2021′ here

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