The Future of Work. Do you know your employees’ expectations?

19 October 2021

By Donal Sullivan, CTO, Auxilion

The future of working and, more specifically, employee enablement and engagement is increasingly under the spotlight in the context of a post-COVID world. While a hybrid or flexible model was a reality for many businesses for years and a topic of debate for others, the evidence, research and use cases to support either side of the debate has never been more available than after the past two years.

We wanted to add our voice and research to the mix and commissioned a survey of 500+ office workers in Ireland to understand their behaviours, opinions and attitudes to hybrid/flexible working; what it means for the future of working, how prepared are businesses for this future and, ultimately, how it’ll impact productivity, governance, security, employee enablement, retention and recruitment strategies.

In order to maintain business operations, remain agile and fulfil employee expectations, Irish businesses need to fully embrace the concept of hybrid working – an evolution of remote working – to support people, wherever they might be. This workstyle is not just hybrid in that it involves a mixture of home and office working for staff; it will also vary among individuals within the same organisation.

In this report, we take a closer look at the findings of our research and establish the steps that companies should take to optimise productivity, collaboration and security in a hybrid working world. By acting and implementing a long-term plan now, businesses can reap the rewards of the future.

Download the report HERE.

Key findings:

  • 82% of respondents want their company to offer a hybrid work policy when lockdown restrictions end
  • 89% of workers believe they are as productive working from home as in the office
  • 1/3 of Irish office workers are able to stay fully connected to all work systems and applications when remote working
  • Office workers lose more than 21 minutes per day searching for and exchanging documents
  • 75% of respondents believe their organisation will use virtual applications when restrictions ease
  • Microsoft Teams was found to be the platform of choice with 59% of respondents using it for work
  • 12% of Irish officer workers wouldn’t immediately tell their employer if they realised the device they were working on had been compromised with malware or ransomware
  • 30% of office workers have clicked on a link or attachment in an email from an unrecognised sender
  • 35% of Irish office workers say remote working has improved their mental health

We hope you find the report informative and can be used to support your decision making and strategic planning processes.

Download the report HERE.


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