Office 365 B-Sides

The Office 365....B-Sides. Just so everyone is on the same page!

03 November 2018

Just so everyone is on the same page…

“a B-side was originally known as the song on the flipside of a 12″ or 7″ vinyl single that backed the A-side, but wasn’t the song promoted or that received the radio play”.

Meaning the best songs made the A-side and the ones that were only ok found their way onto the B-side. You’re very probably wondering how this applies to Office 365. Well please allow me to explain.

Microsoft now has an extraordinary120+ million active monthly users on Office 365. Remarkably, they have added over 20 million in the last 6 months alone! Office 365 is a collection of services and tools and the licensing model reflects that, with different combinations of the services and tools available depending on what your organisation needs now and what it is likely to need in the future.

You can probably name the A-sides as you’re probably using them already: Exchange and Office (Online or local), maybe Skype for Business, perhaps SharePoint Online. But what about the plethora of other services and tools that are bundled into many of the licenses? I’m talking about Teams, Flow, PowerApps, Forms, Planner etc. You should really take a look at these, especially if you already have them as part of your licensing. If you have them at your disposal, why not assess what additional benefits you can gain from your Microsoft license? You might be surprised at some of the opportunities. It's also worth assessing those that you don't currently have at your disposal to see if any would be worth adding. 

PowerApps – this has really moved forward in the last 6 months. Perfect for replacing those email based requests that all businesses have e.g. someone new starts you have to email your Service Desk for a new account to be set up or email Central Admin if you need travel arranged. These can be captured through PowerApps and workflows triggered as new requests come in for approvals or alerts etc.


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