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What is a virtual desktop? How could it help your business

19 June 2020

We are living in challenging times; Due to the current economic climate businesses across the country are trying to meet increased demand with reduced resource. For IT businesses, the spotlight is on remote working solutions and security. Remote working became critical part of our lives almost overnight and, as such, organisations had to implement remote working in a fast and efficient manner. The demand for remote working solutions has increased like never before, with Microsoft seeing unchartered growth for its virtual collaboration tool Teams.

One of the most effective solutions to meet this demand is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI); the term used to describe hosting a desktop environment in a data centre or, more efficiently, on a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure; which hosts Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

Aptly described as ‘your desktop in the cloud’, Windows Virtual Desktop offers users a secure virtual desktop that can be preconfigured and controlled to suit business requirements. Employees get the same Windows 10 experience on any device, just as if you were providing them with their own computer.

So how can Windows Virtual Desktop help your business right now?

  • Quick and easy set-up: WVD can be deployed and scaled in under an hour – perfect for the current remote working climate when you need to act quickly.
  • Increased security and control: your data is safe on your internal IT system and security policies are fully enforced, providing peace of mind during a time rife with COVID-19-related cybercrime.
  • Full control and personalisation: you can deliver a bespoke Windows 10 desktop experience to employees on any device, pre-configured exactly how you want it.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams: you have complete access to your applications, the same as you would on your physical desktop.
  • Flexible and efficient costing: you only pay for what you use with no long-term commitment, enabling any business to scale up or down as required, making it ideal for turbulent climates.
  • Very simple IT management: a centrally managed solution that reduces the time and cost of managing multiple PCs and laptops, enabling IT employees to focus on more important projects.
  • Work from anywhere: Windows Virtual Desktop could enable your business to operative more flexibly and reactively long term, giving employees the option to work remotely long after the current pandemic passes. Taking steps to improve your resilience now will offer benefits in the future.
  • Complete peace of mind: business security is, so far, the concern of the decade thanks to COVID-19, but with WVD your business is completely safe. Microsoft invest more than $1 billion each year on cybersecurity research and development and have 3,500 security experts dedicated to data security and privacy.

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