Securing Your Business

Why it is more important than ever to secure your business

25 March 2020

It seems rare that the media isn’t carrying news of some sort of cybersecurity issue. And, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are taking advantage more than ever.

March saw the reporting of Virgin Media’s data breach, affecting 900,000 customers. This was due to an unsecured database being accessible online. In Virgin Media’s case the damage was limited, as the database was used for marketing. However, security breaches like this can have far more serious results for the company and those whose details have been stolen, with potential loss of reputation and financial repercussions due to fines or loss of business.

TechRadar reported that the threat of cyberattacks has increased significantly due to cybercriminals registering a huge number of coronavirus-related domains through which to offer discounts and special promotions.

TechRadar quoted Check Point’s Head of cyber research Yaniv Balmas, who said: “Furthermore, we are seeing hackers using the attention on COVID-19 to spread their harmful “goods” in as many places as possible through COVID-19 specials and discounts on the dark net. The end result is more malicious tools in more wrong hands during this unique period of time, which puts us all more at security risk during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

With the regular news reports on data breaches for the household name brands, and the increasing targeting by cybercriminals on individuals and the SMB sector, it is more important than ever to secure your business and become aware of the threats.


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