Josiane Vacilito, Life at Auxilion

Life at Auxilion - Josiane Vaciloto

23 January 2023

Josiane Vaciloto is a Resourcing Partner with Auxilion. She told us about her background before joining the company, why she finds her current role so rewarding, and her ambitions for the future.

What was Josiane’s background before joining Auxilion?

“Well, it’s quite a lot of background! I’m from Brazil. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Human Resources Management. I began working in resourcing and HR in 2000. I worked in that area for eighteen years, in various industries. I worked in textiles, chemicals, supply chain. That all gave me a lot of diverse experience.”


Moving to Ireland

“I moved to Ireland in 2018, so I’ll complete five years in February. My original plan was to study English for two years. I wanted to improve my English skills and return to Brazil and progress in my career. But then I met my partner here and my plans changed! Brazil is in my heart, I love it, but currently it is going through economic and political challenges.

“After two years, I decided to go to Italy for three months and have my Italian citizenship recognized. Then, I came back to Ireland and restarted my career in HR here. Since then, I’ve worked as a HR Generalist in an FMCG company and later as a Consultant in a recruitment agency. I am passionate about working with talent in organizations that have people at the core of their operations.

“Then I got the opportunity to join Auxilion, where I was referred by a manager who knew my passion for my work. It’s a really diverse company with a good talent process and a lot of internal opportunities that I wouldn’t have had in my previous role. I decided to join and I’m so happy I did. The culture here is great and there are a lot of opportunities within the company.

“It was challenging at first because I’d never worked in the Tech Industry before. Even though I had good experience overall, everything was completely new. It was challenging to learn about IT and everything around it, but it is really interesting as well.”



What does Josiane’s role with Auxilion involve?

“My day-to-day role is to identify talent to join the company in different areas and different positions- management positions, support positions, customer support roles. It can be tricky, because we need to identify candidates who are not only qualified, but who share our values, who can contribute to the company by giving our clients the best service, and who are also ambitious and want to develop their careers at Auxilion.”

It's been a busy period for the resourcing team.

“It’s just starting to get busy again now after the Christmas period, but in October, we had almost thirty positions open. Each position is very specific and presents its own challenge. The main challenge at the moment is attracting qualified, talented candidates in a market that is booming, so candidates often have a choice of roles. It can be difficult to identify the right ones and to support them through the process, but I enjoy the challenge of it.

“The company is growing a lot at the moment. Some new roles are being developed which need to be filled. For some roles, we know exactly what we need because we’ve filled them before. But when new types of roles are emerging, it can be more complicated. And again, it’s not just the qualifications we’re looking at but also the ambition of the candidate and the way they’d contribute to the culture here. Our growth also means that there are new opportunities emerging all the time and we can open up opportunities for internal candidates, which we also put a lot of work into.”

What does Josiane enjoy most about her role?

“What I like most is meeting and talking to new people every day. It’s great because I learn a lot from each candidate who participates in the process. I learn about their experiences, their cultures, so many different things. I find that really interesting and rewarding.”


Company Culture

How would Josiane describe the culture at Auxilion?

“The company works hard to find the right people to build a good culture. It’s really important for everyone to feel like part of the team, like they’re supported in their role. We all contribute to that. The company is always evolving. New processes are being built, plans are being made into reality. That kind of change and progress can be complicated. But we all work together to make it happen successfully and to support each other along the way.

“The support is always there when you need it. People & Talent, for example, are always providing training and support. If you have questions they’re always there to help. We also have a really strong Employee Assistance Programme in place which is so important.”



What are Josiane’s ambitions for the future?

“My goals are to keep growing and contributing in my role. I want to contribute to a good atmosphere and to support my colleagues. My ambition is to keep growing with the company.

“I also want to be recognised for my efforts and for doing good work. I think that’s important for most people and Auxilion always recognises employees’ efforts and successes. We see the work that goes into that, through the Talent Review system and through internal opportunities. If you don’t recognise people and give them the chance to grow, they leave for other companies. It’s important for people to be supported in progressing and working towards their potential.

“It’s an exciting time for the company and I’m enjoying being part of it.”







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