Microsoft 365 Discover Workshop: Viva

Microsoft 365 Discover Workshop: Viva

24 June 2022

Microsoft Viva offers a series of modules designed to facilitate collaboration, employee engagement, learning and talent management in the modern workplace. Join us for our Microsoft 365 Discover Workshop: Viva webinar at 10am on June 29th, where we’ll provide a detailed overview of everything that Microsoft Viva offers and how it can benefit your organisation.

In recent years, there’s been a huge paradigm shift in terms of how people work and how work is organised. The rapid emergence of hybrid working is of course a key factor in this. At Auxilion, our Modern Workplace division focuses on the tooling and technologies available to support people and talent and business managers in new working environments.

We work to identify the most effective ways of utilising the tools and technologies at our disposal to improve employee experience and business management. Technology is a crucial part of managing workloads, facilitating collaboration, and supporting employee engagement in hybrid working environments.

Microsoft has launched Viva as a digital platform for employee engagement and collaboration. It’s highly aligned to the work Auxilion has been doing around Modern Workplace and we’re excited by its potential. Viva empowers employees while supporting business managers. It currently offers four modules: Connections, Insights, Learning, and Topics. Each provides its own unique service for employees and managers. We’ll provide a brief breakdown of these modules below.

A Modern Working Environment

In a hybrid working environment, where traditional office interaction is reduced, technology has a big role to play in filling that space. Employees must still feel engaged and valued by their organisation. Managers must still be able to facilitate efficient and effective collaboration. Viva helps to replicate the kind of in-person collaboration and engagement that used to take place primarily in the office.

Traditional office collaboration has of course not gone away, so technology must dovetail effectively with it. It must facilitate ideation and creativity around work with platforms that can be seamlessly integrated into more traditional methods of working. Viva supports this, creating a holistic working environment for its users.

Supporting Employees & Businesses

Viva facilitates operational efficiency and productivity in a hybrid environment. It helps to organise work, ensuring that employees know where to find what they need to do their jobs. It also gives organisations comprehensive insight into what employees need to do their jobs and in terms of their overall wellbeing. The Insights and Connections modules are designed to help employees feel engaged and empowered in their roles.

Viva also helps to ensure that functionality isn’t lost in a hybrid model. It helps to organise workflows and to allow colleagues to collaborate effectively. With reduced office interaction, it’s important for all employees to know where to find and how to access everything they need to do their work. Viva also provides opportunities for employees to upskill and retool through the Learning module.


We’ve provided an overview of the four modules currently available through Viva below. We’ll be going into more detail on each one at the webinar.


The Connections module focuses on employee experience. It provides a gateway, through Microsoft Teams, for employees to access company news, information on social events, benefits information, policy updates, etc. This helps to ensure that employees feel included and engaged and that their wellbeing is supported. Users can also customise their own dashboards, giving them a personalised experience.


The Learning module provides access to training and education opportunities. It drives self-motivated learning and allows employees to upskill and retool in a way that works for them. The module uses artificial intelligence to suggest useful content and areas for employees to focus on. Managers can also use the module to monitor employees’ progress.


The Topics module is designed to provide access to knowledge and information across an organisation. It makes it easier for employees and managers to access the information they need, when they need it, by connecting them to sources of knowledge throughout the organisation. It also categorises information for easy access. The module drives efficiency and collaboration.


Viva Insights helps businesses and employees maintain balance at work, supporting wellbeing and driving engagement. It allows managers to monitor and support employee wellbeing and to identify opportunities for improvement. It empowers employees by prioritising their experience and enabling them to provide ideas and insights around workplace wellbeing. Insights facilitates a collaborative approach to ensuring that everyone feels engaged, valued and healthy in the workplace.

At Auxilion, we’re excited by the opportunities presented by Viva. We believe that the current modules and those still to be introduced can be crucial components in the modern workplace. Join us at 10am on June 29th for a more comprehensive overview of Microsoft Viva and the benefits it can provide for your organisation.





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