“The Great Resignation”: Crisis or Crucial Opportunity?

05 May 2022

We’ve recently been discussing the so-called ‘great resignation’ and the need for companies to respond. We know that an exceptionally high number of people are leaving roles or intending to in the near future. This means that a comprehensive, proactive resourcing strategy is essential for businesses across all sectors. Businesses burying their heads in the sand and failing to prepare for a new level of employee mobility will be caught out badly.

Our webinar at 11am on June 8th will focus on talent acquisition and resourcing strategies for businesses, the potential for a blended approach to recruitment, the crucial role of contractors, and recommendations on how to build I.T. recruitment specialists into your broader resourcing strategy. We’ll also outline the benefits of our free, initial one-hour Resourcing Strategy Consultation.

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Strengthening Relationships

We’ve previously discussed the importance of strengthening relationships with resourcing partners, touching base with them and really bringing them inside the tent. If your resourcing partners truly understand your business and your requirements, they will be able to help you prepare for all possible scenarios. Remember that you are likely to face unexpected exits and resourcing challenges and that you will need to prepare strong contingency plans for them. Our Resourcing Strategy Consultations are designed to help you prepare a proactive, comprehensive resourcing infrastructure.

Unprecedented Times

The standout statistic of our recent survey with Censuswide was that 37% of all respondents intended on moving job this year. This demonstrates the unprecedented level of employee mobility at the moment. 32% of Gen Z respondents and 30% of Millennial respondents stated that they left roles during the pandemic because better opportunities arose. These trends are likely to continue or even accelerate as we move into a new phase of the pandemic. 83% percent of respondents also wanted training or upskilling in their roles this year, demonstrating the importance of career development opportunities for employees.

Being proactive and putting in the up-front work now will pay dividends when challenges arise. You won’t be able to avoid resourcing challenges, but this preparation will make your “worst-case scenarios” significantly less damaging. It’s also worth noting that 49% of survey respondents felt that their employers should use resourcing consultants for hiring. This illustrates just how important resourcing partners are in the current market and how highly employees regard them.

Alongside these statistics, companies must also remember that we remain in a time of intense global uncertainty. Across the world, estimates are being downgraded and priorities are being reassessed. We can expect continued inflation across the board and supply chain issues for some time to come.

Actionable Recommendations

A specialist resourcing partner that is truly embedded within your business can provide the kind of insight, analysis and prediction required for a robust and effective resourcing strategy. A resourcing strategy consultation with I.T. Alliance Resourcing Partners will provide specific actions and recommendations to move your business up a defined scale of preparedness. It will demonstrate clearly where the room for improvement is in your resourcing strategy and how you can make the identified improvements.

Future Focus

There is sometimes a lack of available resourcing support focused on future needs and contingency planning. A resourcing partner that can provide a comprehensive assessment, detailed benchmarking exercises, and a series of actionable recommendations can make a huge difference to your business. They should be able to provide a maturity assessment along a graded scale and comprehensive framework models to demonstrate where you can improve your strategy. Facilities such as Applicant Tracking Systems can also help to make your recruitment processes more efficient and reliable.

Your business’s ultimate goal should be to collaborate with a fully engaged resourcing partner with a comprehensive strategy that will leave you fully prepared to face any resourcing challenges that may arise. Attending our webinar at 11am on June 8th and booking a Resourcing Strategy Consultation are excellent first steps in achieving this. We hope to see you on June 8th.







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