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Securing your IT environment for the future

08 August 2022

Your organisation is only as strong as your weakest endpoint. Download our webinar, "Securing Your IT Environment for the Future," to find out how you can ensure that your IT environment is not vulnerable to cyber attack.

Organisations are now faced with significant security challenges due to the increased role of hybrid and remote working models.

With the number of endpoints increasing in every organisation, it's more important than ever to minimise risks and vulnerabilities. One way to safeguard your organisation's IT environment is through a defined security strategy combining different methodologies to keep attackers at bay and keep your data safe.

Our survey commissioned late last year produced several statistics of concern, including:

  • 30% of office workers have clicked on a link or attachment in an email from an unrecognised sender
  • One-quarter of respondents (25%) reported that they use the same passwords for work as they do for personal accounts or devices
  • Over a quarter (27%) of respondents also revealed that they have ignored a security update request on a device used for work

During the webinar we go through these statistics and many more to help you understand how you can overcome these common security issues for employees wherever they are working.

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