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The State of Resourcing 2023: A Recruitment Stalemate & the Battle for Talent

31 March 2023

We find ourselves in an uncertain and rapidly evolving market. Some markets are facing the prospect of recession. Major industries, particularly tech, have been rocked in recent months by mass layoffs at major organisations. This has left many businesses re-evaluating their resourcing strategies while still requiring quality talent to deliver on digital transformation and change management programmes.

The fight for quality talent continues to put significant strain on IT teams, project teams, and talent acquisition teams. It is challenging organisations’ ability to meet their strategic goals and objectives. People are at the heart of a company’s success, but getting the right people is a highly competitive, complex, and time-consuming endeavour. In this context, a trusted resourcing partner can make the crucial difference.

Elite Resourcing Partners

An elite resourcing partner such as I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services provides you with access to a database of excellent candidates and ensures that you have a recruitment pipeline ready when you need it. Our expertise in the IT industry means that we are uniquely equipped to source the most suitable candidates for IT roles. Over the past two decades, we have delivered over 10,000 successful customer engagements across a diverse range of roles. We draw on this experience to deliver proven IT professionals for our clients through an efficient and reliable process. If you would like to discuss your resourcing strategy with our experts, contact us today.

Partnership Model

I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services, an Auxilion company, sources, screens, and places elite IT professionals for our clients. Our partnering style involves developing a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s challenges, objectives, and resourcing requirements. This enables us to provide them with elite resourcing support.

Whether you require permanent employees or IT contractors, we will deliver the talent you need. We manage the process at each step of the way, saving you time, energy, and resources.

Expertise & Flexibility

We provide our customers with expert support based on a true understanding of their industry and organisation. This gives them the expertise and flexibility to complete projects successfully, within the required timelines and budgets.

Proven contractors can fill skills gaps and provide the expertise that you need through an efficient and reliable process. They can provide immediate support for specified periods or projects without impacting fixed overheads. In an uncertain market, this kind of support is invaluable.

I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services has provided elite IT resourcing support for customers across Europe for over two decades. We have access to a large database of proven talent and base our support on a true understanding of our customers’ business objectives. If you would like to discuss our resourcing support, contact our Group Sales Director at We would be happy to arrange a free Discovery Workshop or Resourcing Consultation to discuss your resourcing needs.

Comprehensive Expertise

Auxilion supports customers throughout their entire digital journey. We deliver this support through our consulting practice, helping customers understand and transform to digital, through our governance and project management capabilities to keep them safe on their journey, and through the provision of our IT managed services.

We have technical and subject matter experts across a range of disciplines within our organisation. We use their expertise to understand our clients’ technical and professional requirements. This allows us to reliably identify the resources they need, when they need them. It also enables us to offer support across other areas of our customers’ organisations, based on our understanding of their business strategy and the challenges they face.

We have extensive experience placing IT professionals across a range of industries. We have partnered with major organisations in the public sector, tech, financial services, telecommunications, and many other industries. This gives us unique insight into the specific challenges and requirements of each industry. We draw on these insights to provide customers with the resourcing support they need.

How We Work: Resourcing Framework

We operate as an extension of our customers’ organisations, proactively working to meet potential resourcing requirements before they arise. We do this through a comprehensive resourcing framework.

Service Initiation: Documenting the client’s service requirements, including resource categories, SLAs, and reporting requirements

Service Delivery: Working closely with the client to deliver the defined services

Service Review: A governance process between the client and ITARS to review past performance and forecast future requirements

Staff Welfare Management: Supporting the professionals we’ve placed through our competency principals for mentoring, training, and HR issues

Resource Pool Management: Closely monitoring the availability of resources and the performance of those on assignment

Benefits of Contractors

Contractors offer a proven track record of success, verified expertise, and flexibility. Contractors are also a good investment when you factor in the true cost of hiring a permanent employee- onboarding, payroll, fixed overheads, insurance premiums, etc. More importantly, the cost of skills gaps that lead to projects being delayed or not being completed will far outweigh the expense of contractors.

Good demand management and resource planning can also ensure that contractors can fit comfortably into a project budget. Contractors only submit invoices for the time they have spent working for you, providing an immediate return on your investment.


Some businesses also have concerns about the commitment of contractors to their organisation. However, by working with a recruiting partner, you are guaranteeing access to a pool of proven professionals with exemplary track records. I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services also maintains a stringent and continuous vetting process- our reputation depends on it.

Likewise, contractors are essentially their own business. Their success depends on their reputation in the market and the value they add to each organisation they work with. We continually vet our contractors in terms of their impact, professionalism, and the ROI they provide for our customers.

Many of our customers rehire contractors we’ve placed with them multiple times. You can continue to engage reliable, proven contractors through your engagement with ITARS.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss our resourcing support, contact us today. We offer free Resourcing Consultations and Discovery Workshops for organisations working to develop their resourcing strategies. Our resourcing experts will be happy to discuss your options with you.


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