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Aligning your Microsoft Azure cloud strategy

22 September 2022

What is the real cost of moving your workloads to the cloud?

The trend in recent years has been for developers to bypass the IT department and provision resources in the public cloud. Businesses are now realising that the rush to develop in the cloud has sometimes led to cloud environments lacking in the key IT fundamentals of Management, Monitoring and Security.  On top of this, businesses are starting to count the cost of unmanaged cloud deployments and are beginning to realise the importance of cost estimation and control when it comes to deciding what, if anything, to migrate to the cloud.

These common issues can be overcome or avoided by using a structured approach when migrating to the cloud. A structured approach allows your organisation to manage costs, decide on what workloads should and shouldn’t be moved, and ensure that all workloads are secure.

Download the recording of our webinar where we provided an introduction to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.  We looked at what your organisation needs to consider before, during and after migrating to the Azure cloud including ownership, cost controls, governance and security.

During the webinar we covered:

  • Migration assessment tooling and cost estimation
  • Migration assumptions
  • Typical migration scenarios
  • Migration teams and timelines
  • Cost management
  • Security and compliance requirement identification
  • Azure policy
  • Azure operational cost controls
  • Cloud licensing
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