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An IT health check and remedial solutions for construction giant

“Auxilion understood our requirements immediately. They provided a necessary IT health check, identified problems and efficient solutions, and helped us to plan and prepare for the future.”

Group Head of Information Technology

Project at a glance

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  • Challenge

    Health check & ICT remediation programme

  • Solutions delivered

    • Hybrid Infrastructure

    • Security & Networking

Difference we made

  • A service maturity and governance project was approved to improve service maturity from a level of 1.5 to level 3.0 over a six-month period

  • Cloud solutions were introduced including disaster recovery

  • A full review of group policy objects was provided

  • A range of approved recommendations on the client’s IT infrastructure and digital strategy were provided


A proactive health check to assess ICT estate was needed

One of Ireland's leading contracting and construction organisations, delivering projects in Ireland, the UK and Europe, engaged Auxilion to undertake an IT Health Check to assess their ICT estate under the following headings: 

  • Service Maturity  
  • Service Management  
  • Infrastructure Refurbishment  
  • Infrastructure Skills  
  • Vendor Management    


Once this phase was completed, Auxilion was then engaged to:

  • Manage and deliver a number of infrastructural projects to address the remediation gaps that emerged (directory services, virtualisation/SAN platform, Office 365, SQL, networks, and others) 
  • Design & Deliver Service Improvements across the ICT Estate

A two phased approach to identify and remedy issues

Phase I – Health Check 

The IT Health Check Review gave the client an overview and interpretation of their ICT environment, targeted guidance, and identification of gaps. Auxilion also provided a list of prioritised recommendations and actions based on risk, reward, and business benefits. 

Auxilion then developed a comprehensive plan tailored to the client’s business objectives, which was then used as a platform for determining their expenditure and ICT infrastructure requirements.  

A number of remedial projects also emerged, linked to ICT Risk Identification and assessment of  potential threats to the client’s ICT environment.

Additionally, the team made several recommendations which resulted in a number of IT Service Improvement Initiatives. 

Phase II – ICT Remediation Programme 

A Project Portfolio was defined which included projects to address directory services, virtualisation/SAN platform, Office 365, SQL, and networks challenges in the existing estate. Projects that were approved and progressed included: 

  • Assessing the impact of the static and outdated configuration of the directory services platforms, reviewing the active directory topology, replication and DNS configuration
  • Undertaking a full review of Group Policies Objects (GPOs) 
  • Assessing the client’s private cloud, including the datacentre rack layouts, SAN configuration, and VMware virtualisation platform
  • Introduction of patching for both the production and disaster recovery private cloud, from ESX hosts to virtual machines
  • Configuring the virtual machines for load balancing and SQL application hosting  
  • Implementing acceptable security levels for devices accessing Office365 mailboxes using the mobile device management settings
  • Review and adoption of Microsoft Secure Score within Office365 and manage and deliver an action plan to improve the client’s score and security

Immediate results, ongoing support and long-term strategies in place

Auxilion developed a balanced portfolio of projects and operational improvement initiatives to redress the immediate vulnerabilities of the ICT estate along with shaping a service maturity programme to address the root causes of the challenges that emerged following the health check. 

As a Microsoft-accredited consulting & delivery organisation, across a range of technology towers, Auxilion’s team focused on upgrading and patching the applications and infrastructure to address the gaps that were identified during the review. 

Auxilion assigned two specialists to lead the private cloud project (VMware, SAN & SQL) along with a networking consultant to design and deliver the expected outcomes for this workstream. 

Auxilion also placed an experienced service manager to the team for a period of six months to embed best practice service management culture and disciplines. IT service delivery processes were audited in phase I and a service maturity and governance project was approved to improve service maturity from a level of 1.5 to level 3.0 over a six-month period.  

“When we engaged Auxilion, we required immediate support and a comprehensive long-term strategy. They identified issues, provided solutions, and left us in a much more secure and sustainable position then when we began partnering with them.”

Group Head of Information Technology


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