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Portfolio management and best practice governance

“Auxilion has been a true partner in our journey to drive an ambitious and effective digital transformation programme. We needed a change agent that understood our business, our objectives and our unique potential. Auxilion proved to be the one.”

Chief Information Officer

Project at a glance

  • Industry


  • Challenge

    Full transition of portfolio, new governance framework required

  • Solutions delivered

    • Project, Programme & Portfolio Management

Difference we made

  • Developed and helped to implement a new governance structure

  • Implemented a series of new protocols based on established best practices

  • Introduced new quality assurance framework

  • The PMO setup for the project was nominated and shortlisted for a PMO of the Year award


Twenty-two European countries were transitioning to one Irish site

A major strategic initiative by a large insurance company resulted in a decision to set up a software development & support centre in Ireland. This meant that functions previously conducted in twenty-two European countries needed to be transitioned to the one Irish site.

This resulted in a significant portfolio of projects needing to transition in a planned and staged manner in five phases. 

I.T. Alliance, an Auxilion company, was engaged to: 

  • Review the project portfolio structure and assess project portfolio governance  
  • Facilitate a ‘lessons learned’ review of phase 1 of the transition  
  • Make recommendations on the structure of the portfolio and on rebalancing the portfolio
  • Engage a team of project managers to partner with the client’s team and produce a self-contained portfolio of transitions
  • Provide a range of project support and PMO services across the portfolio



A governance framework laying foundations of a smooth portfolio transition

The scope of the initial phase of the engagement involved undertaking an objective assessment of the planning of the countries that constituted phase I.  An assurance review which considered all aspects of project and program planning was initiated via a facilitated series of lessons learned workshops. 

This was followed by a targeted intervention at the governance and program layers which resulted in a governance framework being developed by the team.  This effectively re-cast the roles and responsibilities of all the key parties and was hinged on a set of project and program management principles which senior management subscribed to.  

The next focus point that helped transform the effectiveness of the portfolio of projects was developing a ‘supportive’ PMO which provided a range of supporting functions and administrative support staff to the team of project managers across the various phases.  Auxilion framed the PMO functions based primarily on the outputs of the facilitated lessons learned review along with the revised governance framework and the revised roles and responsibilities of the various project stakeholders. 

Auxilion’s project management consultants effectively integrated with both the client’s management layers, their project teams, and the corporate PMO and helped design a more effective governance model to simplify the transition programme. 

Once the revamped structures were effectively adopted, Auxilion’s team was engaged to support the PMO in the delivery of a range of project support services and to take on large project components by engaging four senior project managers to complement the client’s team.

  • Full assessment of portfolio governance
  • Partnered with the client to manage portfolio transition
  • Provided a range of project support and project management services
  • Managed a series of ‘lessons learned” workshops

A whole new new software development & support centre

Auxilion leveraged a series of best practice standards as per the list below. The various artefacts that were developed were adopted by the new Software Development & Support Centre.

  • Project Governance Framework models (APM®)
  • Best Practice Project Management Methodologies (PMI®, PRINCE2®) 
  • Project Portfolio Best Practice Guidelines – 3rd Edition (PMI®) 
  • Quality Assurance Standards (CMM®, IT Governance & EFQM®) 
  • IASA® Enterprise Architecture Standards 

The PMO that was set up to manage this programme was nominated and shortlisted for ‘PMO of the Year’ and was recognized as an exemplar PMO in its category.  This was a notable reputational value-add that the client acknowledged by awarding Auxilion with a series of follow-on contracts.

This contract is a good example of the type of services that Auxilion delivers in this domain. This includes: 

  • The provision of project programme and portfolio management services
  • Setting up a best practice PMO to manage the portfolio
  • Planning, managing and tracking all of the associated projects and personnel involved 

The engagement also involved introducing best practice standards and the management of all aspects of the portfolio, including scope, schedule, budget, communications, procurement, stakeholder management, and risk management across all projects and programmes.

“Auxilion designed and implemented an extremely effective transition plan for us, based on established best practices but adapted to our specific needs.”

Chief Information Officer


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