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Celebrating International Women's Day

08 March 2022

Today we mark International Women’s Day. This is a great opportunity to salute the extraordinary contribution made by the women of Auxilion throughout the year. Nedja Santos, Senior People & Talent Partner, described the occasion as, “An opportunity to applaud the impressive work that my female colleagues and friends do every day and to celebrate achievements and successes.”

Niamh Cray, Head of People & Talent, also offered her thoughts on the occasion: “To me, international women’s day is a day when I can celebrate and champion all the women in my life both personally and professionally. It’s an important day to stop, reflect, and think about how we can make a difference and create change, to break down barriers and to allow women to be their true selves and to reach their full potential. Today I recognise and I appreciate the uniqueness and individualism of all the women who work in Auxilion.”

Auxilion functions as a collaborative, tight-knit team in which everyone plays a crucial role. Our focus on inclusivity and collaboration is essential in creating and maintaining a great working environment. We work hard to ensure that Auxilion is a safe and fully inclusive workplace where everyone’s voice is always heard. We are committed to finding new ways to do this even more effectively.

All of us here at Auxilion would like to take the opportunity to mark International Women’s Day. As Nedja puts it, “To all women in Auxilion, a big well done and thank you for being who you areunique, special, you!”


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