Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

10 February 2022

Today we mark Employee Appreciation Day. Supporting and appreciating all employees is a core value for Auxilion every day of the year. But today is a great opportunity to say a simple “Thank You” to all the people who make this company what it is.

We never lose sight of the fact that our people are our greatest asset. As well as putting in the work every day, they set the tone and create our culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. We all work together to create a working environment where everyone’s voice is heard. Whatever role you are in, your contribution is deeply appreciated.

A business can only thrive if its employees know that they are valued, appreciated, and supported. We always want to make sure that we are creating a safe, inclusive environment for all employees and we are always keen to hear ideas for how we can do this even more effectively. We also want to support our employee’s ambitions for the future by helping them to identify and develop key skills and to plan the careers that they want.

Our people are also a crucial part of our culture of innovation. It’s the ideas and suggestions of employees that help us to continue innovating and finding new, creative approaches to our work. We also know that we all work better in a truly collaborative environment where everyone feels part of the team.

Niamh Cray, Head of People & Talent, “It can sound like a cliché that our employees are our most important resource, and the reality is that clichés exist for a reason – there’s usually a huge amount of truth in them. Appreciating your employees, apart from being the right thing to do, is crucial in retaining them in such an employee driven talent market.

It’s our responsibility as an employer to ensure we foster a culture of celebration, recognition and appreciation throughout the entire year to engage and retain our fantastic talent. But, today is also an opportunity for everyone, across the board, to appreciate their co-workers and their peers”, she concluded.

Today, we are delighted to take the opportunity to recognise the amazing impact of our employees throughout the year, and to say Thank You!

If you want to join our fantastic team, the good news is we’re hiring. Check out some of our open roles HERE.


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