Are you in control of your azure governance and spend?

20 January 2017

Without proper governance of a cloud estate, it becomes all too easy for users to provision at will, thus leading to a significant sprawl in the estate. This in turns increases costs, and the complexity of the resulting environment is difficult to manage and support.

There are several factors that can contribute to bad governance of an organisations cloud real estate.

Excessive IT:

Although several tasks can be automated through Microsoft Azure to assist with the management of an organisations processes, not all Azure users implement these tasks correctly, or in some instances, at all. Instead, we’ve seen admins having to manage large amounts of tasks and this leads to an overload in IT work.

Lack of Patience:

Many organisations simply suffer from impatience when trying to adopt a cloud strategy. They’ve decided to implement Azure and get onto the platform as quick as possible and crucial processes and steps get ignored. Organisations need to ensure that their cloud strategy matches their long-term business goals in order to achieve the most benefits and avoid problems occurring during and after implementation.


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