Remote Working

Working together but apart

04 October 2016

Even in Dublin, the tech capital of Europe, it can be difficult to find people with certain skills. One way to address this is to bring staff from overseas to Dublin, introduce them to Fair City, take them to the Guinness Storehouse and important things like that. Often that works out well (except for the Fair City piece it’s a bit hit and miss), Dublin is a welcoming place with a good mix of people.

But what happens after a few years when people want to settle down, get married, have kids etc. because as nice as Dublin is some people can’t afford to or simply don’t want to stay here on a permanent basis. They want to move home but what happens to their job? Can they take it with them?

I manage a development team with members in Italy, Spain, Dublin, Clare and Mayo. So to answer my question I would say “Yes” it is possible to take the job with them. Of course this does not apply across the board for all job types.  Some jobs require you to be in a certain location and there is no getting away from that. However development jobs are well suited to being delivered remotely.


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