Service innovation through technology

Businesses all over the world are coming up with some incredible ways to reduce waste and take advantage of surplus. This includes the recent cycle path opened in Zwolle, The Netherlands which was made from recycled plastic.

Given the very welcome bi-product of a socially responsible approach by many of these companies, it is refreshing to see the more human side of businesses. It is these clever initiatives that are driving new levels of disruptive innovations.

We continue to see technology driving disruption which is producing more efficient distribution methods. We all know that the digitisation of music and movies wasn’t driven by eco-friendly executives at these companies. This was driven by a desire to get more products out quicker to more people, all the while reducing costs and increasing profit. Coincidentally, environmental benefits come from the reduction in manufactured plastics in those industries.

The video-games companies are also taking an active role, first pushing demos over the internet and now full-blown downloadable games via platforms such as Steam. We have new organisations in the home viewing world in Netflix, Amazon and Sky replacing the need for many of the old physical stores. The need to evolve has always been a crucial part of survival for these companies, but it has been the ever-increasing pace of change that has been catching out organisations for years now.

Digital transformation and service innovation have enabled us to offer our clients solutions which make the most of the resources they use and switch off what they don’t.

But what about the things you cannot digitise?

The need to evolve has even been recognised by organisations that sell products that have not been digitised yet. Internet giants and the ‘bricks and mortar’ stores recognised this challenge. Amazon and eBay empower people to sell used items and these are advertised alongside new products, giving the consumer a full pricing spectrum.

The digital world

Digital transformation and service innovation have enabled us to offer our clients solutions which make the most of the resources they use and switch off what they don’t.  These technologies can be expertly monitored to make sure our clients are getting the best value service for their needs.

Providing the platform and support is only the beginning. When this ability is expanded efficiency beyond the delivery of applications and extended to streamlining your workforce and customer engagement, the real benefits can be realised.  This is truly making the most of what you have and not paying for what you don’t need or use.

We work with a vast array of clients no matter what stage of their digital transformation they are at. Some clients have just started on this journey moving from end-of-life infrastructure and are reviewing a vast array of options. Others are far into their digital transformation journey and need some expert guidance around specific challenges for business process or application enhancements.  Regardless of which stage your business is at, our consultants can assist

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