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The changing of the guard. The new security playbook.

It’s no more about safeguarding your castle!  As the castle doesn’t exist anymore.

Historically it was enough to safeguard your castle as the following could be assumed to be the norm.

  1. ICT platforms were on-prem
  2. Users were all accessing from office
  3. Personal devices were not allowed to connect LAN
  4. Servers were not exposed to outside world

So, having a good Antivirus software, Firewall, LAN segregation, Access controls would defend any type of threats like phishing scams, spam email or instant messages and bogus websites.

But the world has changed, and since the pandemic substantially accelerated the reimagining of work practices (by years in some estimates) it drove remote working at scale and Cloud migration which has exposed organisations to outer world like never before.

Some Facts:

This has enabled the hackers to explore more options as cyber-attacks have increased many fold. These cyberattacks have evolved beyond theft of data but to control of physical assets too with real-life consumer impacts. Hackers often encrypt data on systems and demand ransom to decrypt it.

It’s time to reassess and amplify your preparedness for these attacks and ensure your existing security strategy is robust enough to deal with these evolving and relentless attacks on your ICT estate.

When reviewing your end-to-end security strategy, some security measures to be considered are:

  1. End Point Protection
  2. Data loss Prevention
  3. Security information and event management
  4. PEN Test
  5. Security Operations Centre
  6. Data Encryption
  7. Secure Access Service Edge
  8. Regular patching
  9. Business Continuity Management Plan
  10. Multi Factor Authentication and Just in time access controls

So, ask yourself a simple question:

Are you well defending your ICT platforms in this new digital era?

If you follow these simple steps you should be better prepared to defend any attacks.

  1. Create a Business Impact Assessment
  2. Select partners if required to assist
  3. Develop a Security Strategy
  4. Implement the security measures as per the above strategy
  5. Keep yourself up to date on all latest security threats and implement measures

If you would like any assistance with any of the above steps, I would only be too happy to help. Please reach out to me on LinkedIn or through my email

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