Project Consulting

With a 20-year history in Project Management delivered by 100+ PMs from our inhouse PMO, Auxilion can provide a suite of project management consulting services. Sample consulting services are outlined herein.

Project Management Capability Assessment and Advisory Services

Today project governance and project management are more important than ever – the ability to prioritise project selection based on a sound business case and then deliver within budget and time constraints is essential to business survival. Auxilion can not only help you assess your current project management capabilities but we benchmark them against current best practice and liaise with you as you bridge the gap between how your organisation is today, and how it aspires to be tomorrow.  Our Management Capability Services are delivered in association with the Centre for Project Management at the University of Limerick (Ireland). The Centre boasts a wealth of knowledge on international best practice for project management. This, combined with the hands-on experience of Auxilion, ensures that a fully comprehensive and practical assessment is carried out each time.  Typically, an assessment will incorporate a review of your current project management capability, and arising from this, we will develop a set of recommendations for short, medium and long-term gains. Auxilion works through Capability Assessment Lifecycle Phases including:

  • Assessment customisation
  • Objective communication
  • Information gathering
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Reporting

The benefits of a formal capability assessment include ensuring your business gets the right specialists to deliver a fixed price assessment quickly with recommendations aligned to your organisation goals.

Project Management Training & Mentoring Services

The importance of project management as a discipline in today’s business environments is acknowledged globally. Holding an appropriate credential not only gives formal recognition to this importance, but also indicates that a best practice methodology and framework are in place to consistently enable successful projects. Our training services are delivered in association with the Centre for Project Management at the University of Limerick (Ireland). This is a constituent unit of the Kemmy Business School and is a centre of excellence which specialises in project management education and training programmes.   Both Auxilion and the Centre for Project Management are registered education providers with the Project Management Institute®. Auxilion can offer training and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Applied Project Management
  • Commercial Project Management
  • Project Leadership and Communication
  • Management and recovery of trouble projects
  • Establishing and managing a PMO
  • Project Management Exam Preparation

Certification boosts an individual’s self development and, in particular, PMP® certification demonstrates an individual’s advanced knowledge of and experience with project management concepts.

Project Management Office (PMO) Set Up              

With an increasing shortage of project management professionals in Ireland and the UK and yet an increasing demand for organisations to deliver more projects despite the resource constraints, smart organisations are turning to the implementation of a formal PMO office that is personalised to them.  With over 20 years’ experience across PMO set ups in the public and private sector, Auxilion can help you set up your PMO right first time and unleash the many benefits to be had from a formal PMO office set up including improved decision making, risk mitigation, smoother project delivery, better governance and more consistency and reliability in the delivery of projects.  Our PMO set up consulting service encompasses all elements of a modern PMO including training, mentoring, staffing, project assurance / facilitation and project management methods, tools and standards. Auxilion works to a defined approach:

  • Assess your project management capability and requirements
  • Define your PMO services
  • Define your project management delivery model
  • Define your project management processes and procedures
  • Roll out training and embed standards
Managed services

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