Service Management Assessment

Our aim is to help our customers transform their service management organisation to effectively and efficiently meet the challenges of their customers.

The pace of change in technology is having a profound impact in all areas of life. In the Enterprise domain, IT departments are increasingly becoming more integral to business growth and strategy.  IT departments must adapt their approach and become less insular or risk becoming obsolete and they need their services to do the same.​

How We Do It

  • Assessment of the ‘as is’ state of your service delivery capability.
  • Identification of critical gaps between the ‘as is’ position and the needs of the business and highlight the potential impacts of not bridging these gaps.​
  • Development of a set of recommendations to address the issues identified;.
  • Present the findings to ICT management in a manner which supports decision making and a speedy move to action.

Our Methodology

Our assessment is part of a larger journey that can all be carried out by our service management experts. The Service Management Assessment covers the following; discovery and review & recommend.

What we enable in your organisation

Through our assessment, we will enable you to:

  • Position your IT department to better understand and meet the challenges of their customer base and thus stay relevant.
  • Empower your IT department to better demonstrate ‘Value’ to its stakeholders.

What You Get

Through a set of recommendations Auxilion will equip you with an understanding of how your services can ensure:

Clear alignment with your customer by understanding what “Value” represents to them and how it translates into deliverables.

Appropriate Structure and Tooling to meet your customers’ demands with the right capabilities efficiently and effectively

Development of good relationship with external and internal stakeholders to ensure accurate information share and expectation management.

Continual Improvement of performance and efficiency utilising the relevant and appropriate data to support decision-making

Robust service reporting and measurement to track appropriate data against relevant and agreed service performance targets.

Robust Delivery Management cadence at multiple levels to ensure the frequent and regular monitoring, review and management of the service.

Appropriate and effective implementation of service practices to create the right foundation.

Managed services

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Shipping, transport and leisure company, Irish Continental Group (ICG), wanted to outsource the management and monitoring of critical ICT infrastructure ac...

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