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Teams Training Videos

Microsoft Teams is the hub for communication and collaboration for your organisation. Below are some videos to help you get the most from Microsoft Teams.

Get Microsoft Teams for Free

If you do not have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can sign up simply for free. Rory, our Digital Services consultant takes you through the process. It’s straightforward and easy to invite other members of your team.

Teams is a cohesive environment where a user has access to everything in one place at the click of a mouse. Adopting Teams will ensure that these multi-layered and complex communication layers are integrated, thereby eliminating latency and delays. Microsoft Teams is designed to meet the same security and data protection standards as Office 365 and is Office 365 Tier D compliant. The service enforces two-factor authentication, single sign and encryption of data in transit and at rest.

Learn more about Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Introduction

The videos below cover the basics of Microsoft Teams. If you require additional information, our team are on hand to help. There are a multitude of resources online but we can help you understand how Teams can fit into your business, drive adoption and ensure security and compliance.

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Teams and Channels in Microsoft Teams

Working in Channels

Follow and favourite channels

Manage meetings in Microsoft Teams

Create instant meetings for remote work

Share PowerPoint Slides in a meeting

Move around during a Teams meeting

Scheduling a meeting

Join a remote work meeting

Share your screen in a meeting

Start chats and Make calls

Work on a file together

Upload and share files

Organise your Teams list

Find and filter files

Turn a file into a Tab

Filter your activities

Manage notifications

Add tools with tabs

Guide for team owners

Get attention with @mentions