We offer our employees a career with real opportunities and a chance to be part of something bigger than the average 9-5 job.

People & Technology

We understand that people and technology are the two key factors to success. This combination helps our clients achieve their growth ambitions, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and their competition. Auxilion is an Irish company with global ambitions. Our drive, helps our clients achieve success.

We build and deploy a range of technologies for global clients across Ireland and the UK. In order to deliver these projects, we rely on our talented, multi-disciplinary teams including project management, technical, administration and management consulting. Our teams are central to our success and as a result, we’re all about people. We work hard to find dynamic team members who inspire others. Sharing knowledge, being transparent and valuing opinions ensures that our culture remains inclusive, dynamic and positive.

An Irish company with global ambitions

There are a whole range of other reasons to work at Auxilion including:

  • Accountability: We encourage our staff to be accountable and proactively look to solve for our clients. As a result, our team members ‘own’ part of the success of every project they deliver.
  • Development: We hire the best so we know our teams excel at their job –However we also recognise that the curious, dynamic people we work with are always looking to push their abilities. With that in mind, we offer training opportunities to staff to ensure they are constantly challenged and improving their own professional development.
  • Complexity: Challenging and complex projects are our speciality. Our team work on projects that are often challenging, pushing them to the limits of their abilities – but that’s where a career in Auxilion is most rewarding. Being challenged and learning every day.
  • Reward: Auxilion believe in recognising the hard work of our employees, acknowledging helpful team members and those that manage to overcome issues to deliver successful projects. Our monthly ‘Key Contributor’ award is peer led, giving your team mates an opportunity to reward your hard work. There are also team nights, dinners and other activities, ensuring your hard work never goes unnoticed.
  • Wellbeing: The physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is paramount. Our People & Talent team work with staff to promote health and wellbeing activities that include health challenges and mindfulness sessions.
  • Progression: In Auxilion, we are lucky enough to have staff working with us for over 20 years. Our secret is simple – value staff, offer opportunities and promote from within the organisation. This gives our employees the chance to meet their career goals while helping to bring Auxilion to the next level.
  • Trust: Transparency is important in order to encourage open dialogue with management and our teams. We put our trust in our employees and empower them so they can make the right decisions and be responsible for some of the company’s success.

Why Auxilion?

Auxilion is committed to building a diverse, skilled and talented team. We want our team to be proud to work for Auxilion and enable them to do great work. If this sounds like the type of place you would like to work, get in touch with our People & Talent team – Niamh, Rhona and Louise look forward to hearing from you. You can view our latest opportunities by clicking below.