Using Microsoft Teams to manage your team effectively

With the current situation taking place in the world many of us are being forced to work remotely. This can be a difficult task if your organisation does not have the right tools in place to do so. Luckily, at Auxilion many of our staff work remotely either full time or on occasion, so we already had the processes and procedures in place to enable our workforce to work remotely. At Auxilion we use Microsoft Teams to enable our employees and contractors to collaborate and communicate, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible and support our clients in these uncertain times.

Below is an insight from our group sales director, Paul Schmitz on how he effectively uses Microsoft Teams to manage his team regardless of their location.

Previous to the pandemic in Ireland, my team and I were using Microsoft Teams regardless of if we were in the office, on a train or sitting at the kitchen table. As is the same with anything else, the more I use Microsoft Teams, the more I am learning regarding the benefits it brings my team and I. I believe Microsoft Teams is transforming businesses worldwide and is changing the way we work. Below I talk about some of the reasons I use Microsoft Teams to manage my team.

Seamless Collaboration

Teams has allowed me to manage and work with my teams seamlessly regardless of device or location. I currently manage employees who are located all around Ireland and the UK, Microsoft Teams is giving us a central location to come together and communicate, collaborate and work as a team to help Auxilion strive in the current economic climate.

Working collaboratively is the key to our success at Auxilion. With Teams you can access, share, and edit documents in real time, which allows my team members to work on documents at the same time securely, regardless of location.

Since implementing Microsoft Teams in Auxilion, it has helped reduce the number of silos in the organisation as it is enabling staff in different departments to work together. Often there are times that a number of my team and colleagues from other teams need to work on the same document, as we work towards a deadline. Thanks to Teams this is now a seamless experience, there is no more version confusion and no more contradicting edits or comments in various versions of documents.

Creating a channel within a Team is a good option to set up when only a few members of the team are required to work on a certain project. This ensures focus and other team members do not get distracted by the updates regarding projects they are not working.

“Being able to see people face-to-face means you are aware of their reactions and body language and it makes meetings much more inclusive”

Communication and engagement

Ensuring meetings run smoothly is a big part of managing a remote team. Microsoft Teams navigation is simple and so is setting up a meeting, which can be scheduled through your calendar in Teams. Teams meetings help remove frustration and inefficiency by bringing everything you need for every meeting into one place.

During meetings I find the best way to keeping everyone engaged is encouraging everyone to turn on their video, blur their background and go on mute unless they are speaking. Thanks to the high quality video and audio, video calls are a great way to communicate. Being able to see people face-to-face means you are aware of their reactions and body language and it makes meetings much more inclusive.

I use Teams in order to keep my team engaged with the business and send updates to those who work for me. The use of Microsoft Teams has improved communication across different departments and within our teams. Microsoft Teams ensures that all my team members are connected to the latest updates as I can easily send an update in one central location.

Teams on the go

I also ensure my team have downloaded Microsoft Teams app on to their phone to ensure they do not miss any chats or meetings while they are travelling.  Usually, I do a lot of travelling for my job and I find the Microsoft Teams app on my phone is the perfect way to stay on top of discussions and join meeting while I am on the move.

Microsoft Teams enables me to manage my team effectively regardless of location or the device I am using. If you would like to learn some of the benefits Microsoft Teams could offer your organisation, you can visit our Microsoft Teams offering. Alternatively, If you already have Teams installed and are looking to get the most out of the application for your organisation, we have collated some training videos which will be useful to you.

To learn more about Auxilion’s Modern Workplace service, contact us today, a member of our Digital Services team is on hand to answer your questions.